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Posted: 25.03.2010


Before beginning Yogic Exercises, bow for Arham. The practitioner of Preksha meditation has "Arham" as the object of worship. Arham means "The consciousness endowed with endless power". Sit in prayer pose, on the toes, resting your buttocks on the heels, for "Arham Vandana".Fold your hands humbly.

Inhale. Keep the spine erect while uttering. "Vande", and then, while uttering "Arham", bow down to touch the floor and Exhale completly. Inhal coming to your previous state. Repeat it three times. It develops the power of memory, as well as the practice of deep breathing.


  1. It develops the power of memory.
  2. It develops deep breathing.
  3. It starts transforming (Bhawana).
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