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Posted: 23.03.2010

Preksha Dhyana (Meditation) is a complete course in itself. It teaches the practitioner to purify the mind and pacify the passions through spiritual contemplation. In this technique, Asanas and Pranayam are taught for keeping good health; side by side Kayotsarga (relaxation) and Anupreksha (contemplation) are used for relieving tension and bring out mental peace. The methods of Chaitanya Kendra Preksha) (Perception of Psychic Centres), Lesya Dhayan (Colour meditation) and Anupreksha, with a view to personality development and transformation of emotions, are the characteristics of Preksha Meditation Thousands of people have gained physical health and mental peace through the practical training of Preksha Dhyan (Meditation) and have developed healthy, tranquil and spotless hearts through the transformation of emotions.

The present book lays down techniques for rendering the whole body active and with full of stamina These exercises are complete in themselves. Ten exercises would serve the purpose for creating regular breathing and activity of the stomach. The exercises pertaining to spinal cord are highly conducive for making it strong, flexible and full of vitality. These 13 exercises of every limb, simple from head to foot are sufficient to make the body active and energetic which everybody can do easily too.

The author, Muni Kishanlal ji, a disciple in the order led by Late Shri Tulsi is engaged in the study and teaching of Yoga literature, as well as, in the experimentation and training of the Yoga techniques. He is handling skillfully the training of postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation in the Preksha Meditation Training Camps being held under the direction of Acharya Mahaprajna.

Preksha Meditation technique evolved by these two spiritual thinkers is a marvellous boon to the entire human race. We are confident that this Meditational technique shall prove, to be "The greatest good to the greatest number.

In order to bring home these techniques more clearly the relevant pictures are also given.

We belive that the readers would find this publication to their liking.

Jain Vishva Bharati,

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