Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises ► [6] How To Do It? ► Upadhyaya Posture

Posted: 18.04.2010

Process: Keep steady in sukhasana. Bring your hands together in prayer posture at the centre af bliss. Recite-"Aum hrim namo uvajjhayanam "Assume green colour all around you while reciting. While inhaling, raise both your palms slowly upwards, touching your ears with your arms and open the palms upwards. Keep the front parts of thumbs touching each other. Bending your head backwards, keep looking up at the sky without blinking. While exhaling, bring your hands down in prayer posture at the centre of Bliss. Again make your neck erect and come to normal position. This is called Upadhyaya Mudra.

Benefits: Attainment of right knowledge and perception. Right knowledge and perception are the bases of emancipation. Upadhyaya's life is given to the attainment of knowledge and perception. His life is a model for others to follow. Upadhyaya mudara fills the heart of the practitioner with humility for Upadhyaya and arouses his knowledge and vision. Physically, it regulates the secretions of thyroid, parathyroid, pineal and pituitary glands, with which knowledge and perception are directly related.

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