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Posted: 17.04.2010

Process: Keep steady in sukhasana. Take both your hands together in prayer posture at the centre of Bliss. Recite - "Aum hrim namo ayariyanam". Assume yellow colour all around you while reciting " While inhaling, open your palms and bring them slowly near the shoulders. Touching shoulders with your thumbs, keep the palms open and straight. While exhaling bring back your hands in prayer posture at the centre of bliss on your chest. This is called Acharya mudra.

Benefits: Acharya represents arhat. Acharya's life is a pointer towards purity of conduct. Acharya mudra leads one towards ideal conduct. By folding hands at the centre of bliss the practitioner shows humility for the acharya. Taking his hands near the shoulders and keeping them open he surrenders, as it were, himself, with open heart to seek guidanee from the acharya. Physically; this posture strengthens- chest and lungs, activates muscles of shoulders and hands and regulates the secretions from the thymus gland

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