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Posted: 20.07.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
The pratimā (the intensive course of austere practice undertaken with determination and performed in conformity with the prescribed procedure) has a specific description in the Jain spiritual tradition. It is desirable to discuss it in the present context. The specific criteria of penance or the special rule of spiritual practicing is known as pratimā. The meaning of pratimā in Sthānā...
Posted: 19.07.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
Practice of postures has been sanctioned in the Jain tradition of spiritual practice. Lord Mahavira himself practiced the postures. He used to meditate remaining in a particular yogic posture. The Lord engaged himself in meditation, being seated in the proper posture. The principle postures of Lord Mahavira during the time period of his spiritual practice are the 'ukkuḍ u' posture, vira posture, milking...
Posted: 18.07.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
Attachment towards body and outfits is natural. This sense of attachment becomes a cause of worldliness. Indeed, to give up the sense of attachment is essentially the motive of the dhuta practice. Pride and arrogance make a person intoxicated. Knowledge of self is destroyed by these vices. A spiritual practitioner becomes intoxicated with supernatural powers, pleasurable and comfortable feelings. He starts...

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