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Posted: 29.03.2020
By Acharya Tulsi
There are some ingredients in the soil and water of India, which connect this country with spiritualism. Several countries of the world associate themselves with other countries by exporting consumable goods. India was such a country from where spirituality and values of life were transmitted. Today why this country is becoming barren? Why the fertilizer for springing up the values of life has become so devoid...
Posted: 29.03.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Impoliteness Creates and Aggravates Problems Politeness is a primary characteristic of one who is a disciple of AcharyaBhikshu and has faith in Terapanth whether he/she is a monk, nun, shravak or shravika . All Acharyas of Terapanth have laid great emphasis on the virtue of politeness. Humility is the most demanding virtue needed for peace in social life. It removes thousands of hurdles, whereas impoliteness...
Posted: 28.03.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Terapanth holds an exclusive status amongst various religious orders existing today because of its solid foundation, strongstructure, shape, and background that staunchly relies on spiritual reasoning or soul-oriented outlook. The premise of Terapanth is the abandonment of ' ahankaar ' (ego) and ' mamakaar ' (possessiveness). Only those who let go of ahankaar and mamakaar will truly understand the essence of...

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