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Posted: 21.11.2019
By Acharya Mahaprajna
-3- Buddhyaavinaapivibudhaar-chita-paada-peetha! Stotumsamudyata-matir-vigata-trapoaham | Baalamvihaayajala-sansthita-mindu-bimba- Manyahkaichchhatijanahsahasaagraheetum|| O Lord, your pious feet are worshipped by celestial beings, just as an ignorant child tries the impossible task of grasping the moon from its reflection in a pool of water, out of impudence alone, an ignorant man like me is excited to...
Posted: 20.11.2019
By Acharya Mahaprajna
-1- Bhaktaamara-pranata-mauli-mani-prabhaanaa- Mudyo-takamdalita-paapa-tamo-vitaanam| Samyakpranamyajina-paada-yugamyugaadaa- Vaalam-banambhavajalepatataamjanaanaam|| I duly bow down to Lord Rishabh's feet - which increases the shine of the crown jewels of the deities who bow down to his feet; which has the power to eradicate the darkness of sin; which became the savior of beings falling in the ocean of samsar...
Posted: 15.11.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Words have their own culture, their own tradition and history of their own. Meanings of the words have constantly gained excellence and have also degenerated from time to time. There are some words which were symbols of glory at some time have now lost their dignity. While some words even after receiving beatings in some ages are still alive. Their identity is linked with the human culture. They have become the...

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