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Posted: 18.06.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
The Jain philosophy discusses different aspects of the karma theory. Generally, it is believed that as much you experience (pain, hindrance etc) that much of karmas will be shed. This too is a relative statement. There can be all possibilities, such as, more experience of pain but less karmas are eliminated and sometimes, even though the experience of pain is less but more karmas are shed. This fact is found...
Posted: 17.06.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
Bondage of karmas is a continuous process. Karmas are bound to the mundane souls continuously. According to Jain philosophy, the soul itself is responsible for the possession of karmas (kartā) and for the elimination of karmas (vikartā). Here, it is pertinent to understand the word, vikartā i.e. eliminator of karmas. The soul itself can eliminate the karma through its self-efforts. Lord Mahavira...

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