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Posted: 14.10.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Man belongs to the highest category of living creatures in the world.There are three things that put him in the highest category: his body structure, his mind and his sense of discretion. The spinal column is very important in his body. He is able to stand erect and walk only with its help. Otherwise, he would have been like any other four-legged animal. His cerebrum is highly developed. New discoveries of...
Posted: 13.10.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Man is an active being. He is always engaged in some action or the other. Actions are of two kinds: good and bad; or meritorious and sinful. In terms of human values, they can also be defined as moral and immoral. The action which does not bind the individual, does not embroil him in anything, does not compel him to resort to cheating and manoeuvring is meritorious or moral action. The action which prevents man...
Posted: 12.10.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
What is the soul of India? The straight answer to this is spiritualism. Development has a special meaning in, the field of spiritualism. According to it, development cannot be measured in terms of roads, dams, power projects, industrial establishments, palatial mansions, and means of transport, computers and robots. Self-restraint, simplicity, brotherhood, discipline, etc. are the main basis of development. In...

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