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Posted: 27.02.2020
By Acharya Tulsi
Man wants to do something in his life. He also wants to establish himself. There are so many goals before him. Sometimes he is committed to any goal. Sometimes his thought is puzzled in goals. Sometimes he is fully attached. Sometimes his detachment becomes overruling. In this situation he cannot build any definite outlook for himself. That is why he seeks guidance from elders, teachers and knowledgeable...
Posted: 27.02.2020
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Can non-violence? Are truth and non-violence completely different from one another or the same? The demarcation between them is simply due to utility and understanding. If we interchange truth and non-violence, it doesn't make any difference. Where does the distinction lie then? In fact, both are the same. They have two different perspectives but in essence are the same, two names but the same objective...

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