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Posted: 18.09.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Education is a kind of digestive medicine (janmaghutti) which is given to a child at the very birth. According to science, personality traits are contained in the genes. According to popular belief, this janmaghutti given at birth determines the personality traits of the child. It is also believed that the merits and demerits of the person admin­istering that medicine are transmitted to the child. No...
Posted: 17.09.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Endeavour and fate—these are two opposite poles. Endeavour is inspiration for action. Fate is worship of the unseen. A diligent person is always engaged in action, whether he gets the result or not. A fatalist does not feel any sense of achievement in whatever he does. He regards even his successful efforts as something granted by fate. Some people believe in propitiating a deity. There are a growing...

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