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Posted: 17.06.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
Bondage of karmas is a continuous process. Karmas are bound to the mundane souls continuously. According to Jain philosophy, the soul itself is responsible for the possession of karmas (kartā) and for the elimination of karmas (vikartā). Here, it is pertinent to understand the word, vikartā i.e. eliminator of karmas. The soul itself can eliminate the karma through its self-efforts. Lord Mahavira...
Posted: 16.06.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
There are two kinds of Bondage - Iryākpathika (Instantaneous) and Sāmparāyika (Long Term). The bondage which occurs due to physical act only is called an instantaneous bondage, while the bondage caused due to passions is called a long-term bondage. Nature of Īryāpathikī kriyās When the body is in motion, the activities undertaken by the body for motion are called as...
Posted: 15.06.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
In Prajñāpanā, there is a mention of different causes of determining the rise of karmas, in the context of state of life (gati), life span (sthiti), state of birth (bhava), matter (pudgala), transformation in matter (pudgala pari ṇ āma) Rising of Karma due to 'Realm of mundane existence': Beings born in the hell, rigorously suffer the fruition of inauspicious karmas. If that...

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