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Posted: 23.10.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Tension is one of the big problems of the present age. The plain meaning of tension is strain, which can be physical, mental and emotional. Physical activity beyond one's capacity leads to physical tension. Thinking beyond a particular limit causes mental tension. Imbalanced impulses result in emotional tension. Any kind of tension makes a person unnatural and restless. When one is tense, he does not feel...
Posted: 22.10.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Every individual has his own personality. He has two aspects - natural and acquired. Some people have a natural personality which again, has two aspects- internal and external. His external personality is related to his physical health and well-being and way of life. A beautiful, well-formed body, proper physical structure, the sense organs that function properly, orderly manner of dressing, etc. constitute his...
Posted: 21.10.2019
By Acharya Tulsi
Some people continuously hum the tunes of faith. They embark on their new journey. They find new paths after breaking through the obstacles. They face conflicts with a smile. With patience they move forward and reach their goal. These are the people, who ride on the wings of positive feelings. Some people lie dormant in the abyss of despair. They live in the past. They indulge in thoughts about the future. They...

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