Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises ► [1] Yogic Exercises ► Exercise XII (For Knees And Feet)

Posted: 03.04.2010


  1. Strike the buttock five times with the foot by bending the right leg at the knee. Repeat this with the left leg also.
  2. Move the knee-caps up and down five times.

  3. Place your palms on the waist and Keep the heels close and tose apart. Bend your knees forward slowly while exhaling. Retreat while inhaling. The waist, trunk, and the head should always be erect. Repeat this by going backward and forward five times.


  4. Bend the knees to the right while exhaling. Bend while keeping the waist erect. Now inhale. Bend the knees towards the left while exhaling and keeping the waist straight. Repeat this three times.

  5. Keep standing with both feet together. Bend the knees while exhaling and rotate them clock-wise and anti-clock­wise five times.

  6. Draw the right foot towards the calf and downwards keeping the feet a little above the ground and bending it up and down. Do this also with the other foot. Repeat it five times.

  7. Activate each toe of the foot. Now rotate each foot right to left and left to right. Repeat this five times.


  1. Pain in the knees, calves, feet and fingers is eliminated.
  2. Body gets additional energy.
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