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Posted: 17.04.2010

It is posture of'the liberated ones'.

Process: Keep steady in sukhasana. Fold your hands on your chest in prayer posture. Recite- "Aum hrim namo siddhanam" while inhaling, raise your hands upwards, open both the palms. Hands shall remain erect. Assume red colour all around you while reciting. While exhaling, close your palms and slowly bring your hands down in prayer posture at the centre of bliss on the chest. This is Siddha Posture.

Benefits: Complete freedom.

The Siddhas represent complete freedom which is man's innate property. He does not want to remain in bondage. By opening both the palms the practitioner expresses, as it were, his desire for full freedom. Physically, it provides all the benefits enumerated in vitaraga mudra. Along with the opening of palms, additional pressure is caused on the muscles of the palm, making them strong and elastic. It keeps the secretions of adrenal and thymus glands in balance. Consciousness is increased by its special influence on the centre of purity.

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