Preksha Dhyana: Yogic Exercises ► [6] How To Do It? ► Muni Posture

Posted: 18.04.2010

Process: Keep steady in sukhasana. Bring both hands in prayer pose at the centre of bliss. Recite- "Aum hrim namo loye savvasahunam" while inhaling assume blue colour. While reciting fix your open hands sideways and raise them upwards. While exhaling, adopt the anjali pose as a mark of reverence and devotion and again bring them down in prayer pose. This is called Muni Mudra.

Benefits: Monks are ever devoted towards self-realisation, therefore they represent reverence and surrender. Muni mudra awakens the sense of reverence and surrender by leading one from a distorted to a natural state. It also drives away egoism from one's heart. Physically, it regulates the secretions of the thymus gland, develops the feelings of compassion and friendship and protects one against various ailments caused by jealousy and aversion.

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