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Dictionary of Technical Terms of Jainism. Creation of Lexicon: A Broad Outlook The bibliography of our lexicon makes clear that the original canonical works of both the traditions - Śvetāmbara and Digambara - have been amply made use of without any bias/prejudice, in the creation of the present dictionary. The canonical works such as Ācārāṅga, Sṛtakṛtāṅga, Sthānāṅga, Samayavāyāṅga,...

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Posted on: 18.11.2008
By Prof. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater
The term karma is derived from the root 'krñ karaṇe' by adding the suffix 'manin' to the root and the common meanings of the term are - action, worth doing, implementation, duty, act, profession, tendency etc. So whatever is done falls under the category karma. The term karma stands for two different meanings viz.; action and the subtle aggregates of the karmic matter. All types of movements whether physical...
Posted on: 30.09.2009
By Dr. Vidhyasagar Singh, Prof. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater
Intensive Commentary on Knowledge Concept (w.r.t. Eastern and Western Philosophy). In this book Commentary is written on knowledge concept defined in Eastern and Western Philosophies. Knowledge obtained from wisdom is considered undoubtful and true. Wisdom is essence of person’s mental life.
Posted on: 26.03.2010
By Jethalal S. Zaveri
For a practitioner of Preksha-dhyana, it is necessary to know the functions and characteristic activities of the human body and the roles played by them in health as well as diseases. This book provides an adequate understanding of the subject in an easy-to-read non-technical text. For convenience, it is divided into two parts. In the first part, an attempt has been made to provide a foundation of basic...
Posted on: 10.11.2015
By Dr. Natubhai Shah
Jainism is the oldest extant religion in Eurasia but it is the least known in the West. Although its teachings are as relevant in our own day as they were in the days of Mahavira who revived it more than two and half millennia ago, why this should be is almost certainly due to its small number of adherents in India: four millions plus (Jain leaders estimate twelve million and claim that it was much larger in...
Posted on: 06.12.2005
By Jethalal S. Zaveri, Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar
Where did the universe come from and where is it going? Did it have a beginning? How and why did it begin? What happened before that? Will it come to an end, or not? Did anybody create the universe? Is it static and unchanging or dynamic and mutable? These and many other questions regarding space, time, animate and inanimate orders of existence have been before mankind ever since man became capable of thinking...
Posted on: 20.07.2012
By Dr. Kumarpal Desai
The volume comprises life stories of Sadhus, Sadhvis, Shravaks and Shravikas, the four pillars of Jain religion. They have been delineated in as authentic a manner as possible and in a very gripping style. They highlight the contribution of the great, heroic figures of Jain religion. The pen of Dr. Kumarpal Desai and the illustrations of artist Shri Ashok Shaha (Padma putra) have combined to enhance the value...
Posted on: 15.08.2008
By Acharya Mahaprajna
This concise but informative volume outlines and delineates some of the basic teachings of Mahavira as are relevant to the real understanding of economics. Economics is the science of economic prosperity and the limitation of wealth is the science of peace.
Posted on: 01.08.2014
By Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar
Critical Studies and Reasearch in the Metaphysical, Epistemological, Cosmological, Cosmogonical and Mathematical Aspects of the Universe in Jain Philosophy in the Light of Modern Scientific Theories and Western Philosophy. The questions regarding the nature, shape, size and age of the Universe, the reality and relativity of space & time, the subjectivity and objectivity of the physical world and many more such...
Posted on: 26.04.2010
By Jethalal S. Zaveri, Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar
Acharya Shri Kunda Kunda needs no introduction. He graced the country with his divine presence in the first century b.c. His great book SAMAYASARA has 400 odd verses. Nothing surpasses the excellence of Samayasara - self-contained, self-determining, self-sufficient pure and perfect super self. The soul is the sole determinant of its own pure psychic status. The soul never loses its soulhood. In a living...
Posted on: 01.09.2010
By Acharya Mahaprajna
Ecstasy is not a subject of articulation for a gardener who sees his garden full of trees and plants laden with verdure, flowers and fruits, or for an artist who sees his idea getting form on the canvas, or for a visionary who sees his dreams getting realized, through his own efforts. For a long time, I had been visualizing that the critical editing of the Jain scriptures be undertaken and the laborious moments...