Posted: 30.11.2013
Somaiya Vidyavihar Hindi: 29-30 Nov. 2013 ko Yoga Pro. Dr. Prakash Soni ke guidelence me Yogaashan-Suryanamskaar ki Prastuti dete hua Vinay Mandir ke students. Saath me Somaiya vidyahar ke vice president Sri Sameer bhi Somaiya and trustigan. Photos: 2013.11.30 MUMBAI Somaiya Vidyavihar Founder Day 4729 2013.11.30 MUMBAI Somaiya Vidyavihar Founder Day 0736 2013.11.30 MUMBAI Somaiya Vidyavihar...
Posted: 03.03.2012
SHATAVDHAN (Memorising 100 activities) - A glimpse at the Super Power of the Soul How often have been embarrassed because you could not remember names of people you met at a party or a business meeting? Have you had difficulty recalling birthdates of your children? What would you give to have a better memory? While most people can remember 8 or 10 events sequentially, ancient Jain literature is replete with...
Posted: 01.03.2012
Day: Sunday, 4th March, 2012 Timings: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM Venue: Sri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts Hall 292, Scheme No 6, Comrade Harbanslal Marg, Behind Gandhi Market, Sion (East), Mumbai - 400022 Event: Dwi ShatAvadhant 200 Hundred Memory Event By: 22 year old Shatavadhani Munishri Shri Ajitchandra Sagarji Maharaj (Munishri) Disciple of Anoyagacharya Nayachandra Sagarji Maharaj Sahebji
Posted: 12.04.2011
Bombay Natural History Society The lovely Flamingos have arrived and the BNHS is organising a Flamingo Festival on 16 April, 2011 at the Sewri Jetty in Mumbai. Please find attached the Invitation and a poster to the festival. The poster can be printed and displayed at your office or housing Society to encourage more people to attend the Festival. Hoping to see you and your families on the 16th April, 2011. Warm...
Posted: 30.03.2009
Pain Clinic Of India is proud to announce Back & Neck Pain camp at warden road branch, Mumbai to be held on 8th to 14th april 2009. Dr. S. Bakshi, A well known famous spine pain specialist from New York, USA will be consulting patients on 8-9th april 2009 at our center. The treatment for all spine (back & neck) pain will be done without surgery & with advanced nonsurgical methods. No admission required...
Posted: 08.06.2008
In a unique manner, Jain monks Acarya Bhaskar Muni and Prakash Muni shall hold a question - answer session on Jainism called Aap Ki Adaalat. The questions shall focus on Jainism. Anyone is welcome to raise questions and the monks shall answer those questions on the basis of Jain scriptures. All are welcome to raise questions. The monks shall answer questions in Gujarati, Hindi and English. Boxes have been...
Posted: 20.04.2008
Sadhvi Animashree ji Invitation broucher having detail of programmee and the committe members formed for this event On the eve of Mahavir Jayanti, a Joint programme of all jain community was organised at Birla Matu shree Hall in Mumbai. This is the convention held before program. The program was organised by Bharat Jain Mandal.   Bhagwan Mahavir Potrait in convention   Members welcoming the Chief Guest Energy...
Posted: 12.02.2008
Sadhvi Anima Shriji`s  Programmes in Mumbai 09th Feb 2008 Sadhvishri Animashriji reached Goregaon, a location of Western Mumbai. Sadhvi Animashree ji with her group is travelling in the mumbai sub urban parts now days. 10th Feb 2008 Inaugration of Acharya Mahapragyaji Computer Centre at Terapanth Bhawan Malad, Mumbai by Sadhwishri Animashriji.
Posted: 26.09.2007
The Jain International Trade organisation (JITO) will be organizing the next trade fair from 3rd January to 6th January, 2008 again at Mumbai Exhibition Center, N.S.E. Ground, Goregaon (East), Mumbai. The convener of the fair, Shri Padam Chand Jain from Jaipur informed the press that the sole objective of holding the fair was to strengthen financial, educational and spiritual status of Jain community.
Posted: 10.09.2007
Sadhvi Animashree ji's daily morning lectures are held at Steralite Industry Compound near Vidhyavihar Station.
Posted: 04.09.2007
A one day Workshop on "Excel Everywhere" was held on Sunday, 2 sept. 2007 under the auspicious guidance of Sadhvi Animashree ji at Ghatkopar, Mumbai. 8:30 - 17:15 The main speaker was Shri Rakesh Khated.
Posted: 06.07.2007
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
2nd December 2006 When we queued up at Mumbai National Airport the late morning of 3rd December on our way to Goa, we had mixed feelings. Continuously pampered by our hosts and friends during the last three weeks, we had to adjust. When we took farewell from Sudanshu Jain and his father, Mr. S. M. Jain we felt as if leaving home for quite some time, exited and sad. Sudanshu Jain and his father had announced...
Posted: 05.07.2007
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
2nd December 2006 Samani Madhur Pragyaji every day was busy across Mumbai with lectures, camps, and functions, what means uncountable hours lost in traffic with a straight schedule. Fortunately for us, the day of our meeting, she also was on her way through mega city. Therefore, she conveyed a message to us via Sudanshu Jain to stay at Terapanth Bhawan and wait for her arrival, acknowledged around 15:00. In...
Posted: 04.07.2007
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
2nd December 2006 In 2005, when Karuna met Shri Chitrabhanuji and Pramodaji at the occasion of Pratishta Mahotsav in London , she had promised to bring Aparigraha with her when they would meet next time. When we planned our Living Jainism Tour 2006, we contacted them just two days before their departure from New York to Mumbai. Pramodaji suggested visiting them in their Mumbai residence, and appointment was...
Posted: 03.07.2007
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
1st December 2006 First conference of HereNow4U correspondents and editors in the train; Sudanshu Jain and his father, Mr. S. M. Jain from Surat, took over at Mumbai train station, inspiring talks with Sadhvishrees at Terapanth Bhawan Mumbai, dinner with Sudanshu Jain and his father, and some impressions on the preparations of a three-days well-to-do marriage. Sushil Bafana and his wife Supyar were sitting in...
Posted: 22.05.2007
Sadhvi Anima Shriji`s Forthcoming Programmes in Mumbai: 27.05.2007 - 07.06.2007
Posted: 29.01.2007
The industries and trade fair organised by Jain International Trade Organisation held at Mumbai from 4th to 7th January, 2007 was a great success and a highly successful event for the businessmen coming from within the country and abroad in large numbers. The total number of stalls was no less than 800 and more than more than 10,000 business establishments expressed their keen interest in business deals.
Posted: 01.09.2005
By Kishan Sharma
In the present era, lakhs of soldiers all over the world are busy practising the modern warfare. New arms and ammunitions of destruction are being tried everyday. Enormous financial resources are being drained on military forces by the most civilized ones. The terrorism is flourishing all over. Under these circumstances the relevance of ahimsa and the need for training in ahimsa has increased manifolds.
Posted: 10.01.2005
Jain Doctors' International Conference "An Amalgamation of Science and Spirituality for Living" held at Terapanth Bhawan on 8th and 9th January 2005 at Mumbai. The mission of the two-day Conference, was very well fulfilled. The presence of doctors from the world over, who promised and joined hands to work together globally for the welfare of the people was a positive gesture. The principles of science, blended...

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