Posted: 02.08.2012
From his 7 month journey in USA Shrutpragyaji Swami arrived back in Delhi, where he stayed some days in Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra - Delhi - India with Swami Dharmanandji. He left on 7th Nov. for Rajkot and Ahmedabad and other centres in the country, where he offers programs as given below for Ahmedabad:
Posted: 19.10.2007
By Bal Patil
I think it would be most appropriate to recall the great Ahmedabad trial at this juncture when the centennial of the Gandhian satyagraha in South Africa is being commemorated worldwide. When Mahatma Gandhi entered the Central Hall of the Government Circuit House at Ahmedabad on the 18th of March, 1922 to face a trial on a charge of sedition under section 124A of the Indian Penal Code about two hundred...
Posted: 19.10.2007
By Bal Patil
The UN General Assembly has unanimously adopted a resolution on June 15, 2007 to declare October 2, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, as the International Day of Non-Violence in recognition of his role in promoting the message of ‘peace through non-violence’ around the world. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation, was a great political and spiritual leader, the pioneer of satyagraha , and the...
Posted: 17.10.2007
By Dr. Mahima Sethia
Shri Sushil Bafna has been selected as one of the Outstanding performer member of Terapanth Yuvak Parishad for year 2007 along with other four persons. The function was held on 30.09.07 at Udaipur under the auspicious presence of Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji during the 41st annual conferennce of All India Terapanth Yuvak Parishad. The conference was held from 28. sept '07 to 30 sept. '07.
Posted: 01.10.2007
The floods in North-eastern India have caused a state of utter emergency. A VIER PFOTEN (FOUR PAWS) unit is on location now to vaccinate the victims’ live stock and supply food for the animals. The project is a matter of survival for the impoverished population: The animals are crucial to their livelihood. Vanaspatti The village Vanaspatti is located in the Indian state of Bihar Sitamarhi and is made up...
Posted: 01.10.2007
More than 100 members of the Jain Samaj, Delhi called on the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil at Rashtrapati Bhavan on September 27, 2007. The members of the Jain Samaj met the President on the occasion of Kshamavani Divas - the Day of Universal Forgiveness.
Posted: 16.09.2007
Arham There are many weapons in the world, each mightier and deadlier than the other. However none of them is the ultimate weapon. The only one, which is the ultimate and can be considered par excellence is - FORGIVENESS, ARMISTICE or PEACE. SAMVATSARI, which is the most sacred festival of Jains, is the occasion for using this ultimate weapon, viz., forgiveness.
Posted: 11.09.2007
Collected by Yug Pradhan Acharya Sri Tulsi Translated by Muni Sri Mahendra Kumar
Posted: 06.09.2007
By Pravin K. Shah
Paryushan or Das Lakshana Parva is the single most important festival in the Jain religion. This year it is observed from September 8 to 25, 2007. The Shvetämbar sect observes it for the first 8 days while the Digambar sect observes it for the last 10 days where it is known as Das Lakshana Parva. During these eight or ten days, the entire Jain community becomes engrossed in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and...
Posted: 04.09.2007
By Muni Sukh Lal
Ahinsa is nectar. All human beings want peace. No one is happy in anarchy, which generates disturbance and restlessness. How can, then peace be obtained? It can only be obtained through applied ahinsa. Ahinsa doesn't mean merely abstinence from killing a creature. In it's broader sense, it means refraining from infliction of pain on others as also from usurping the rights of others. This kind of ahinsa -...
Posted: 22.08.2007
One Day Workshop in the Holy presence of Munishri Sumermalji (Ladnun) for the unmarried girls from 10th Class onwards. On 26th August 2007 At Oswal Bhawan B-69 Vivek Vihar II Delhi, India. Contact No: (+91 11 22384650, +91 11 65967919.
Posted: 21.08.2007
By Dr. C. Devakumar
A few gentlemen who are Jains by birth inadvertently opened my eyes in recent days, I was all the time focusing my energy in the propagation of the Jain values among born-Jains. It appears that the erosion to Jain values could come from within the very class of such Jains, mainly due to the detrimental effect of dushama kal in the Hundavasarpini cycle. I grew over the blood relations to embrace all Jains as my...
Posted: 08.08.2007
Under guidance of Muni Dharmesh Kumar ji, workshop on Personality Development through Preksha Dhyan has been started on Monday, 06.08.2007, at Citylight Terapanth Bhawan, Surat. It will be running nearly for a month, from 6 August to 1 Sept. The opening ceremony of workshop has taken place on Sunday 5 August. AT 9.30 AM & the closing ceremony will take place on 2 Sept. at 9.30 AM The time for workshop has...
Posted: 15.07.2007
Lecture by Mr Rajeev Shah held on Sunday, 8th July 2007, from10.45am to 11.30am at JVB London Sayer Centre: "Understanding Value of Jainismfrom a financialperspective" The powerpoint presentation from this lecture is available as pdf file for download/read online.
Posted: 15.07.2007
Sadhvi Shri Kanak Shriji of Thana-5 Schedule - Delhi JULY 2007 - UPDATE
Posted: 13.07.2007
Now 30 Songs by Acharya Tulsi - Rajiv Shah & Viki Vikas - Rajiv Shah - Nauratanmal, Kumud Bachhawat - Samani Punya Pragya
Posted: 01.07.2007
Sadhvi Nirvanshree Group of 5 Sadhvis Schedule 1.7. - 15.7.2007
Posted: 25.06.2007
Sadhvi Shri Kanak Shriji of Thana-5 Schedule - Delhi UPDATE
Posted: 21.06.2007
On 8th June 2007, Samani Charitra Pragyaji, senior disciple of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna, was invited for lecture at Merchants Chamber of Commerce, 15-B Hemanta Basu Sarani Kolkata-1. Her topic was “Secret of Success in Business”. Merchants Chamber of Commerce and Jain Vishva Bharati jointly had organized the lecture.
Posted: 18.06.2007
By Dr. Atul Keshavji Shah
We are living in a time of severe stress from many sides - environmental, lifestyle, fundamentalism, over-population, greed and inequality. It seems the ‘progress’ of modernity requires severe qualifications, and even though we have nice sounding slogans like light footprint, sustainability, green living, we are more confused than ever. In the high-tech instantaneous world that we inhabit, most...
Posted: 04.06.2007
Dr. Atul K. Shah Chief Executive of Diverse Ethics Ltd has organized a one day seminar for young people keen to plan their future and choose the right career direction. The seminar is on Saturday 23rd June in London at the JVB Centre near Staples Corner and would give a lasting benefit to participants as it will be very informative, interactive and stimulating.
Posted: 27.05.2007
Sadhvi Shri Kanak Shriji of Thana-5 Schedule - Delhi Update
Posted: 27.05.2007
Muni Shri Sumermalji (Ladnun) along with Muni Shri Udit Kumarji is available from 19 May to 28 May 2007 at Anuvrat Bhawan, 210 Deen Dayal, Upadhyaya Marg New Delhi-2 +91 11-23222965
Posted: 25.05.2007
The undermentioned VIPs paid visit to Muni Shri Sumermal (Ladnun), Muni Shri Udit Kumarji at different meetings and all of them have praised about the ongoing Ahimsa Yatra and termed this Ahimsa Yatra is very fruitfull for the cause of humanity, and praised His holiness Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji for his dedicated efforts.
Posted: 24.05.2007
26th & 27th May 2007 at Anuvrat Bhawan 210, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi, India
Posted: 15.05.2007
“On April 16th, 2007 a mentally disturbed student killed 32 innocent people on Virginia Tech campus before taking his own life. We asked Acharaya Mahapragyaji to make sense of it all and this is what he had to say. The letter below with his message was sent to the President of Virginia Tech [by JVB Houston] ”
Posted: 13.05.2007
The topics of the tour: Blood pressure & heart disease - Diabetes - Obesity - Stress management - Arthritis & joint pains - Depression - Breathing problems & asthma - Headache & migraine
Posted: 13.04.2007
Preksha Award 2007 will be given to Smt. Asha Ben Vakil of Vashi (Navi Mumbai) on 20th April 2007 at Rawalia, Gujarat, on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritya. Acharyashree Mahaprajnaji on the first day of Maryada Mahotsav 2007 in Gangashahar has announced that Asha Ben will be the awarded.
Posted: 02.04.2007
By Lalit Garg
Speaking at a function held at the residence of AICC president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, she said, bhagwan mahavir immortal teaching of live and let live is as relevant today as it was about 2606 years ago. Sonia Gandhi said, we want peace and harmony because there is no alternative to it. In the age of nuclear bomb, communal violence and terrorism there is no way to resolve problems...
Posted: 29.03.2007
On 18th February 2007, at Raipur, capital of Chhatisgarh, a seminar was held on Jain Sanskar Vidhi, the effect of actions.
Posted: 23.03.2007
By Samani Malli Pragya
The heart is more important than the brain. It is a vital organ of our body. It acts as a bridge between the fundamental unit, cell and other systems of the body. Every organ of the body needs energy for function, which gets ready in the cell due to the oxidation of the food. Either the heart or the circulatory system takes in glucose from the digestive system and oxy­gen from the respiratory system, and...
Posted: 21.03.2007
You are cordially invited to the special program arranged by Arihant Jagruti Manch, Pune On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti on 31st March 2007 5.30 P.M
Posted: 18.03.2007
USA Main Contact: Kanti Shah 918-369-3163 cell# 918-269-0932 Email:
Posted: 28.02.2007
From Tue 06/03/2007 - Fri 09/03/2007 Pujyashri Chitrabhanuji is guest of: Mahavir Foundation Oshwal Association of the UK Navnat Vanik Association Jain Sangha of Europe Young Jains see daily events
Posted: 18.01.2007
Mangalam 11 min Video by Jain Center of Greater Memphis


Posted: 12.01.2007
Posted: 03.01.2007
On Sunday, 24th December 2006, Jeevan Vigyan Academy Kolkata had organized a seminar on ‘Dimensions of Personality Development’ to instruct people on the Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan). The seminar took place at 64, Suburban Park Road under the auspicious presence of Sadhvishree Nirvanshreeji. Utter Howrah Jain Swetamber Sabha (assembly of lay followers at utter Howrah) and utter Howrah Terapanth Mahila...
Posted: 30.12.2006
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
We wish all our readers, friends and their families a happy and prosperous New Year. May all of you succeed in 2007 sharing peace, love and happiness with those you are with and will meet.
Posted: 25.12.2006
By Samani Amit Pragya
The life is up & down roads with manifolds turns. We can’t say when, where & who meets on which turn of this river like flowing life. Man is called the most intelligent animal and is also a joker dancing in the circus of life. His dancing thread to certain extent is in the hands of some invisible power can be called Karma. It is difficult to say why it is, but it is there.
Posted: 30.10.2006
It all started in an informal classroom. Paathshala, as they fondly called their Sunday interactions, is what triggered the realisation. That their children would never follow what grandmother prescribed. They would never save that extra penny or give charity. The reasons were many. Pressures of growing up in America, tempting fast food and difficult scriptures that required simplification. And thus started a...
Posted: 27.10.2006
By Acharya Mahaprajna
T he non-violent Jain tradition attaches utmost importance to an individual’s emotional competence as the key to success is his life. It does not ignore the intellectual side too and pleads for a balanced developments of both the right and the left parts of the human brain. In order to enhance a manager’s emotional competence as well as intellect I consider the following seven principles vitally...
Posted: 12.10.2006
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
The first minimally invasive computer navigated high flex knee joint at Tagore Hospital Jaipur has been completed successfully, as Mr. Balwant Mehta and Dr. Solanki reported to HereNow4U from Jaipur. 
Posted: 05.10.2006
YJA is here to create a space for youth to share & grow. Here are 5 upcoming events that we highly recommend you check out!
Posted: 25.09.2006
Secretariat, Jain Sheatambar Terapanth has launched , official website of Terapanth on 23.09.2006 at Bhiwani, Haryana, India under auspicious guidance of H H Acharya Mahapragya. The prime objective of this website is to facilitate information dissemination about Terapanth and its activities. There was long standing need for making Vigyapti, the most popular newsletter of Terapanth and...
Posted: 23.09.2006
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
On 19 th September 2006, Samani Charitra Pragyaji gave a public talk at Florida International University (FIU), Graham Center Ballroom. The topic was ‘Life of a Jain Nun'.
Posted: 18.09.2006
By Editor Aparigraha Jain, Editor Carla Geerdes
For the first time, Jain nuns teach the whole semester 2006 on Jainism & Non-violence in FIU, Florida International University Miami, Florida, USA. Samani Charitra Pragya (l) has been invited by Religious Studies Department as a visiting professor from August 28th to December 12th 2006 by FIU.
Posted: 15.09.2006
After Mrs. Regunathan had resigned from her function as vice-chancellor of JVBI Ladnun, Samani Mangal Pragya is now acting vice-chancellor. For one month, she had been working as pro-vice-chancellor of the Jain University.
Posted: 06.09.2006
Non-violence, non-absolutism and non-possessiveness have proven time and again to be the underpinning principles for peace, prosperity and happiness in the world. Young Jains of India (YJI) is an organization dedicated to promoting these principles as a way of life. YJI is a dynamic and vibrant organization dedicated to spreading Jain Way of Life [JWOL] through simple transformation of core Jain principles into...

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