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Tattvartha Sutra: 07.32

Published: 24.06.2017

07.32 Jivitmaranāshansāmītrānurāgsukhānubandhanidankaranāni




जीविताशंसा, मरणाशंसा, मित्रानुराग, सुखानुबन्ध और निदानकरण ये 5 अतिचार मारणान्तिक संलेखना व्रत के है।



Expecting to survive, desire to die, attachment for the friendly people, hope for future happiness and bartering for a particular situation are the five ransgressions of Sanlekhanā.

This sutra deals with Sanlekhanā (fast unto death). One, who resorts to it, is usually held in esteem. By noticing such esteem, one may be induced to prolong his life. That is termed as the first transgression of this restraint. On the other hand, it may also happen that no one may come to him for servicing etc. In that case, one may be tempted to think that the earlier does he die, the better would it be. Such contemplating of the earlier death is the second transgression. While undertaking the fast unto death one should give up all sorts of attachment. Lurking of any attachment for colleagues, relatives, etc. is termed as the third transgression. While undergoing the fast, one should not recall the happy experiences of his worldly life. Recollecting any of them is termed as the fourth transgression. Longing for any particular type of reward in the next birth as the result of the fast is termed as the fifth transgression of this restraint.

Title: Tattvartha Sutra
Manu Doshi
Manu Doshi
Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Shrut Ratnakar
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