Tattvartha Sutra: 07.24

Published: 16.06.2017

07.24 Kshetravāstuhiranyasuvarnadhandhānyadāsid-āskupyapramānatikramāh


क्षेत्रवास्तुहिरण्यसुवर्णधनधान्यदासीदासकुप्य प्रमाणातिक्रमाः।


क्षेत्र और वास्तु, हिरण्य और सुवर्ण,  धन और धान्य, दासी और दास और कुप्य का अतिक्रम ये पाँच अपरिग्रह अणुव्रत के अतिचार है।



Possessing land and other real estates, gold and silver, animals and grains, male and female servants, clothes and vessels beyond the limitations are the five transgression of the fifth restraint.

The laymen will of course have various possessions. This sutra specifies the same in the form of land and other real estates, gold and silver, animals and grains, male and female servants, clothes and vessels. The laymen are required to lay limitations thereon. Possessing any of those five categories of wealth in excess of the limitations is termed as a transgression of the fifth restraint. In the present life style, however, there are many other categories of possessions like bank balance, investment, furniture, freeze, audio-visual equipment, automobiles etc. One should therefore think of laying limitations on such possessions also.

Observance of restraints is usually stipulated in the form of refraining from violence, lies, etc. That is a negative connotation, but they can also be presented in the positive terms. Instead of calling for refraining from violence, one can be urged to have amity and compassion for all the living beings. As such, we do not tend to hurt others. Similarly we make out that lying can damage the interests of others and therefore we refrain from telling lies. We also realize that the instinct of getting something belonging to others is wrong. We therefore refrain from taking anything without the permission of its legitimate owner. That very understanding leads to the observance of the fourth and fifth restraints.

Title: Tattvartha Sutra
Manu Doshi
Manu Doshi
Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Shrut Ratnakar
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