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Tattvartha Sutra: 09.05

Published: 18.07.2017
Updated: 18.07.2017

09.05 Iryābhāshaīshanādānnikshepotsargāh Samitayah


ईर्याभाषैषणादाननिक्षेपोत्सर्गाः समितयः।


सम्यग्ईर्या, सम्यग्भाषा, सम्यग्ऐषणा, सम्यागआदान-निक्षेप, सम्यग्उत्सर्ग ये पांच समितियां है।



Samiti consists of maintaining vigilance while making movement, while speaking, while accepting the required articles, while moving any object and while disposing the wastes.

Gupti necessitates restraining of all possible activities. But so long as one is alive, he needs to undertake some activities. As such, when it is not feasible to restrain those faculties, one needs to exercise them with vigilance so as to avoid all possible violence. That is called Samiti, which is of five types. Observance of vigilance while making movement is called Iryā Samiti; that while speaking is called Bhāshā Samiti; that while accepting the required articles is called Eshanā" Samiti; that while picking up or while placing any object is called Ādāna-Nikshep Samiti; and that while disposing the wastes is called Utsarga Samiti.

Gupti and Samiti are closely related. They together constitute eight main precepts of Lords. Since those precepts are helpful to the spiritual aspirants like mother's milk to her baby, they are termed as Ashtapravachanmātā (eight motherly precepts). This sutra specifies the activities, which mainly pertain to monastic order, because observance of Gupties and Samities is primarily meant for them. Samities can, however, be observed to some extent by laymen too. They should also remain vigilant while undertaking their activities.

Title: Tattvartha Sutra
Manu Doshi
Manu Doshi
Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Shrut Ratnakar
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