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Tattvartha Sutra: 10.01

Published: 09.08.2017

10.01 Mohkshayājjnāndarshanāvaranāntarāykshayachcha Kevaiam


मोहक्षयाज्ज्ञानदर्शनावरणान्तरायक्षयाच्च केवलम्।


मोहकर्म का क्षय तथा ज्ञानावरण, दर्शनावरण और अंतराय कर्म केे क्षय से कैवल्य की प्राप्ति होती है।


Omniscience manifests by destruction of the delusive, knowledge and perception obscuring as well as of the obstructing Karma.

This chapter starts with the concept of Kaivalya, which denotes the state of merely knowing. That is the pure nature of soul. It is inherently imbibed in every soul, but is not manifest in the worldly state, when the soul remains under the impact of Karma. Karmas are mainly of two types, defiling and non-defiling. The deluding, knowledge-obscuring, perception-obscuring and obstructing Karmas are called defiling, because they come in the way of manifestation of the pure nature. This sutra states that Kaivalya arises by the destruction of those four categories of Karma.

Title: Tattvartha Sutra
Manu Doshi
Manu Doshi
Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Shrut Ratnakar
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