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Tattvartha Sutra: 01.21-23

Published: 20.03.2017

01.21 Dwividho'vadhih




अवधिज्ञान दो प्रकार है।  

01.22 Tatra bhavpratyayo Nārakdevānām


तत्र भवप्रत्ययो नारकदेवानाम् ।


उन दो में से भवप्रत्यय नारक और देवों के होता है।

01.23 Yathoktanimittah Shadvikalpah Sheshānām


यथोक्तनिमित्त: षड्विकल्प: शेषाणाम् ।


अवधिज्ञान दो प्रकार है। उन दो में से भवप्रत्यय नारक और देवों के होता है। यथोक्तनिमित्त - क्षयोपशमजन्य अवधि छ: प्रकार का है जो तिर्यञ्च तथा मनुष्यों को होता है।


Avadhijnān is of two types. One is Bhavapratyay, which arises to all heavenly and infernal beings. The other Gunparatyay, which results by eradication cum pacification of Karma. That is of six types and arises to other living beings.

Clairvoyance is of two types. One is Bhavapratyay, which means associated with a particular state of existence. īt arises naturally by being born in heavenly and infernal abodes. The other is Gunapratyay, which means based on the internal purity. It arises to certain human beings and in rare cases to other beings by virtue of eradication of some Karmas and pacification of others. The former lasts till the end of life. The latter may or may not last till the end of the life. It is classified in following six sub-types.

  1. Ānugāmik. This type of clairvoyance stays with the person wherever he goes. In other words, its operation is not restricted to any particular place. That is similar to the dye applied to a cloth in a particular place, which stays with it even though the cloth may be removed from the place of dyeing.

  2. Ananugāmik: The operation of this type of clairvoyance is restricted to certain areas. That is similar to an astrologer, who might have the capability to say about the future while being in a particular position, but may not be able to exercise that in other positions.

  3. Vardhamān: This denotes an increasing level of clairvoyance. The flame arising by lighting a matchstick, for instance, is initially small, but it can turn into a big fire by coming in contact with firewood or other inflammable articles. Similarly the level of this type of clairvoyance rises with the increasing level of purity.

  4. Hiyamān: This denotes a decreasing level of clairvoyance. That happens on account of decreasing level of purity.

  5. Avasthit: This denotes steady clairvoyance; that continues till the end of life or may continue even in the succeeding lives.

  6. Anavasthit: This denotes unsteady clairvoyance; it increases or decreases like ebb and flow in sea; it is exercisable at some time and may not be exercisable at another time.
Title: Tattvartha Sutra
Manu Doshi
Manu Doshi
Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Shrut Ratnakar
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