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Tattvartha Sutra: 08.08

Published: 02.07.2017

08.08 Chakshurachakshuravadhikevalānām Nidrānidrānidrāprachalāprachalāprachalāstyāngrddhivedaniyāni Cha


चक्षुरचक्षुरवधिकेवलानां निद्रानिद्रानिद्रा प्रचलाप्रचला प्रचलास्त्यानगृद्धिवेदनियानी च।


चक्षु दर्शनावरणीय, अचक्षु दर्शनावरणीय, अवधि दर्शनावरणीय, केवल दर्शनावरणीय रूप चार आवरण तथा निद्रा,निद्रा निद्रा, प्रचला, प्रचला प्रचला तथा स्त्यानगृद्धि रूप पांच वेदनीय ये 9 दर्शनावरणीय कर्म की  उत्तर प्रकृतियाँ है।




Chakshu, Achakshu, Avadhi, Kaivalya, Nidrā, Nidrā-nidrā, Prachalā, Prachala-prachalā and Styāngrddhi are the nine categories of Darshanāvaraniya Karma.

Darshan is mainly of four types, viz. Chakshudarshan meaning visual perception, Achakshudarshan meaning non-visual perception, Avadhidarshan meaning clairvoyant perception and Kevaldarshan meaning omni-perception. The Karmas that obscure them are respectively termed as Chakshu­darshanāvaraniya, Achakshudarshanāvaraniya, Avadhi-darshanāvaraniya and Kevatdarshanāvaraniya. Moreover, sleeping state also causes the loss of perception. Jainism lays five types of sleep that obscures perception. They are termed as Nidrā, Nidrā-nidrā, Prachalā, Prachalā-prachalā and Styāngrht. The phenomenon, in which one indulges in dozing, is called Nidrā Darshanāvaran; that, in which one goes to sound sleep, is called Nidrānidra Darshanāvaran; that, in which one drowses, is called Prachalā Darshanāvaran; that, in which one indulges in sleep-walking, is called Prachalā-prachalā Darshanāvaran; and that, in which one can perform during the sleep what he had conceived of in waking state, is called Styāngrhi Darshanāvaran.

Title: Tattvartha Sutra
Manu Doshi
Manu Doshi
Federation of Jain Associations in North America & Shrut Ratnakar
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