Acharanga Bhasyam: Verses 10-12

Published: 03.08.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

9.4.10 adu vāyasā digiṃchattā, je aṇṇe rasesiṇo sattā.
ghāsesaṇāe ciṭṭhaṃte, sayayaṃ ṇivatite ya pehāe..

Seeing hungry crows and other thirsty creatures often assembling and waiting there intent on food -

9.4.11 adu māhaṇaṃ va samaṇaṃ vā, gāmapiṃḍolagaṃ ca atihiṃ vā.
sovāgaṃ mūsiyāraṃ vā, kukkuraṃ vāvi vihaṃ ṭhiyaṃ purato..

And also seeing Māhāṇa, Samaṇa or a village begger or a guest or a Caṇḍāla or a cat or a dog standing on the begging way -

9.4.12 vitticchedaṃ vajjaṃto, tesappattiyaṃ pariharaṃto.
maṃdaṃ parakkame bhagavaṃ, ahiṃsamāṇo ghāsamesitthā..

The Lord moved gently neither obstructing their livelihood, nor frightening them, nor injuring them, while begging food.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verses 10-12

It is obvious.


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