Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtra 75 : Abandonment Of Food By An Ailing Monk

Published: 30.05.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

8.75 jassa ṇaṃ bhikkhuussa evaṃ bhavati—puṭṭho abalo ahamaṃsi, nālama-hamaṃsi gihaṃtara-saṃkamaṇaṃ bhikkhāyariya-gamaṇāe se evaṃ vadaṃtassa paro abhihaḍaṃ asaṇaṃ vā pāṇaṃ vā khāimaṃ vā s aimaṃ vā āhaṭṭu dalaejjā, se puvvāmeva āloejjā āusaṃto! gāhāvatī! ṇo khalu me kappai abhihaḍe asaṇe vā pāṇe vā khāime vā sāime vā bhottae vā, pāyae vā, aṇṇe vā eyappagāre.

If the monk feels: due to illness I am too weak and unable to beg from house to house and on his thus complaining, anybody brings food, drink etc. and gives them, he should after deliberation, say. "O long-lived householder, it does not behoove me to eat or drink those food etc. or accept anything else of the same kind."

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 75

Here the word 'anybody' means devoted householder and the like, as has been explained in the Cūrṇi—'anybody else' means a devout householder or person endowed with right faith, or a man of upright attitude, or a person of wrong faith moved by compassion.[1]


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