Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 74-75 : The Dūta Of Humbleness

Published: 15.04.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

6.74 evaṃ tesiṃ bhagavao aṇuṭṭhāṇe jahā se diyā-poe.

As young birds obey their parents, so the disciple should obey the instructions of their preceptors.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 74

Only those monks adopt the solitary penance or nudity who abide by the discipline after renunciation or only they are capable of getting rid of ennui who follow the doctrine with devotion.[1] Therefore the Sūtra says that such disciples abide by the instruction, that is, commendments of the enlightened preceptor. Here the example of the young one's of birds is to be understood. As the young ones are nourished by their parents and gradually are capable to fly and afterwards they live alone by abandoning their parents. Similarly, the disciples also are capable of practising the aforesaid intensive course of penance (independently of their teachers).[2]

6.75 evaṃ te sissā diyāya rāoya aṇupuvveṇa vāiya. - tti bemi.

In this way, those disciples, taught in the proper order day and night acquire competence. Thus do I say.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 75

In this way, the disciples are initiated. They are taught in the proper order day and night, that is, they are trained, and as a result, they acquire proper competence in the practice of the discipline.


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