Acharanga Bhasyam: (7) Main Divisions

Published: 13.09.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

There are nine chapters in the Ācārāṅga. But there is some difference in the names as well as in the order of these nine chapters as given in the Samavāyāṅga [1] and the Ācārāṅga Niryukti.[2]

Samavāyāṅga Ācārāṅga Niryukti
Satthapariṇṇā Satthapariṇṇā
Logavijaya Logavijaya
Sῑosaṇijja Sῑosaṇijja
Sammatta Sammatta
Āyvaṃtῑ Logasāra
Dhuta Dhuya
Vimohāyaṇa Mahāpariṇṇā
Uvahāṇasuya Vimokkha
Mahapariṇṇā Uvahāṇasuya

There is difference in the nomenclature as well as the order. The original name of the Vth chapter is 'Logasre'. Āvantῑ however is its name only because it is the first word. In the Anuyogadvara it is mentioned as an instance.[3] The Niryuktikāra also considers 'Āvantῑ’ as the name due to the Logasāra as a subsidiary name.[4]


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