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Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 111-115 : The Relinquishment Of Clothes

Published: 13.06.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

8.111 je bhikkhū acele parivusite, tassa ṇaṃ evaṃ bhavati - cāemi ahaṃ taṇaphāsaṃ ahiyāsittae, sīyaphāsaṃ ahiyāsittae, teuphāsaṃ ahiyāsittae, daṃsa-masagaphāsaṃ ahiyāsittae, egatare aṇṇatare virūvarūve phāse ahiyāsittae, hiripaḍicchādaṇaṃ cahaṃ ṇo saṃcāemi ahiyāsittae, evaṃ se kappati kaḍi-baṃdhaṇaṃ ghārittae.

To the monk who is practising the discipline of nudity, it may occur - I am capable of enduring the pricking of grass, attack of cold and heat, stinging of gnats and mosquitoes and many other varieties of touches; but I am unable to relinquish the cover on my privities. Under such circumstance he is allowed to put on a loin-cloth.

8.112 aduvā tattha parakamaṃtaṃ bhujjo acelaṃ taṇaphāsā phusaṃti, sīyaphāsā phusaṃti, teuphāsā phusaṃti, daṃsa-masagaphāsā phusaṃti, egayare aṇṇayare virūvarūve phāse ahiyāseti acele.

Or, a monk who is capable of conquering shame should keep completely naked, not wearing a loin a cloth. The grass pricks him. The nude monk endures various other kinds of touches.

8.113 lāghaviyaṃ āgamamāṇe.

He should do away with clothing in consideration of light outfit.

8.114 tave se abhisamannāgae bhavai.

The nude monk is fit for practising the austerities in a right manner.

8.115 jameyaṃ bhagavatā paveditaṃ, tameva abhisameccā savvato sawattāe samattameva samabhijāṇiyā.

The monk should realise nudity exactly as the Lord has propounded, and practise equality in its completeness and in all respects.


Jain Vishwa Bharati

Ladnun- 341 306 (Raj.) India © Jain Vishva Bharti

ISBNS 1-7195-74-4

First Edition:2001

Courtesy :
Shree Chhotulal Sethia Charitable Trust Sethia House, 23/24,
Radha Bazar Street, Kolkata-700 001 (INDIA)

Printed by:
Shree Vardhaman Press
Delhi (INDIA)

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