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Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtra 6 : Cause Of Influx Of Karmic Particles

Published: 30.09.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015
1.6 akarissaṃ cahaṃ, kāravesuṃ cahaṃ, karao yāvi samaṇuṇṇe bhavissāmi.

I did it, I got it done, and 1 shall be the approver of the doer.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 6

The person with the memory of the past has a deep experience of the causal chain of action, the karmic bondages and the resultant transmigration in different directions and subdirections. This has found vent in this sutra.

The action is threefold: was done by the agent himself, or was got d°ne, or shall be approved of by him. This threefold action becomes ninefold when combined with the three periods of times - past, present and future. From the present surra all these nine types of action can be derived. The first, second and ninth types are explicitly mentioned here. Others can be formulated as follows:

(iii) I had approved of what was done.
(iv) I am doing myself.
(v) I am getting it done.
(vi) I am approving of what is being done.
(vii) I shall do myself.
(viii) I shall get it done.

Due to action there is the inflow of karmic particles, and therefore, the action is called inflow. In fact, this inflow is the cause of the transmigration in various directions. The comprehension of the cause of transmigration is due to the memory of the past existence.


Jain Vishwa Bharati

Ladnun- 341 306 (Raj.) India © Jain Vishva Bharti

ISBNS 1-7195-74-4

First Edition:2001

Courtesy :
Shree Chhotulal Sethia Charitable Trust Sethia House, 23/24,
Radha Bazar Street, Kolkata-700 001 (INDIA)

Printed by:
Shree Vardhaman Press
Delhi (INDIA)

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