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Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 1-3 : Attachment

Published: 12.11.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

2.1 je guṇe se mūlaṭṭhāṇe, je mūlaṭṭhāṇe se guṇe.

The sensual object is the basic source (of greed), the basic source of greed is the sensual object.

Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 1

In this chapter, the reflection is concentrated on the nature of loka, that is, greed which is a kind of passion of possessiveness. The sensuous objects are mainly the cause of greed. This is indicated in introspective sutra, namely, what is sensum is the root cause. Sensum means the sensual object. The root cause means the ultimate base.[1] The sensual objects alone are the causes of greed, etc. Here the effect is identical with the cause. What is sensum is the root cause and what is the root cause is the sensum.[2]

Thus the sensual objects are identified with greed of which the former is the cause. It is not possible to give up greed unless one gives up the sensual objects. Thus, the meditational concentration on the nature of the sensual objects has been considered here. This sutra is composed in the vice-versa style.

    2.2  iti se guṇaṭṭhῑ mahatā pariyāveṇaṃ vase pamatte - māyā me, piyā me, bhāyā me, bhainῑ me, bhajjā me, puttā me, dhūyā me, suṇhā me, sahi- sayaṇa-saṃgaṃtha-saṃthuyā me, vivittovagaraṇa-pariyaṭṭaṇa-bhoyaṇa- acchāyaṇaṃ me, iccatthaṃ gaḍhie he - vase pamatte.

    In this way, the person desirous of sensual objects pine for them being non-vigilant. He is stupefied in worldly life lamenting: this is my mother, this my father, my brother, my sister, my wife, my son, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my friend, my kith and kin, various kinds of utensils and means of transactions, food and clothing. He thus lives the life of the non-vigilant.

    Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 2

    The sensual objects stimulate the rise of greed. Only on the rise of greed there arises the attitude of likes and dislikes for the sensual objects. Thus, the person hankering after the sense, due to his acute pining, that is, desire for enjoyment, is infatuated with many an object of possession.

    The pining is generated by the sense of 'mine'-ness. This truth is expressed in this Sutra. The people with the sense of 'mine'-ness in respect of their relations like mother, and many varieties of things get stuck to them and are entangled in the world, infatuated with the possessions.

    2.3  ahoya rāo ya paritappamāṇe, kālākāla-samuṭṭhāῑ, saṃjogaṭṭhῑ aṭṭhālobhῑ, āluṃpe sahasakkāre, viṇiviṭṭhacitte ettha satthe puṇo-puṇo.

    Pining day and night, he exerts timely and untimely, hankering for acquisitions, greedy for worldly things addicted to theft and robbery; with mind fixed on family and sensual gratification, he is virtually a weapon of violence to living beings, time and again.

    Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 3

    A person under the sway of greed always lives with pangs of suffering in word, thought and deed for the sake of his relatives and the acquisition and protection of his property. He keeps himself engaged in accumulating wealth like Mammaṇa (an example of unsatisfied desires) at all times, proper or improper. He longs for the acquisition of agreeable objects and royal fortunes. Greedy of wealth, he perpetrates thefts and all kinds of heinous deeds without any thought of the consequences and thus generates eat evil. His mind is fixed on his family and property. Such person time d again acts as a deadly weapon to all kinds of living beings.


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    Jain Vishwa Bharati

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