Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 101-104 : Lightness Induced By Eschewing Taste

Published: 06.06.2011

8.101 se bhikkhū vā bhikkhuṇī vā asaṇaṃ vā pāṇaṃ vā khāimaṃ vā sāimaṃ vā āhāremāṇe ṇo vāmāo haṇuyāo dāhiṇaṃ haṇuyaṃ saṃcārejjā āsāemāṇe, dāhiṇāo vā haṇuyāo vāmaṃ haṇuyaṃ ṇo saṃcārejjā āsāemāṇe, se aṇāsāya- māṇe.

A monk or nun, while taking food etc., should not shift the morsel from the left jaw to the right jaw, nor from right jaw to left jaw to get a fuller taste of it, but should eat by not caring for the taste of it.

8.102 lāghaviyaṃ āgamamāṇe.

Pondering over the lightness (unencumbered), he should eschew taste.

8.103 tave se abhisamannāgae bhavai.

The monk, experiencing lightness due to avoiding taste, subjects himself to the austerity of reduced diet and enduring of physical hardship.

8.104 jameyaṃ bhagavatā paveiaṃ, tameva abhisameccā savvato savvattāe samattameva samabhijāṇiyā.

The monk should understand properly what has been propounded by the Lord in respect of lightness induced by eschewing taste and practice equality in its completeness and in all respects.


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