Acharanga Bhasyam: (5) The Prathama (First) Aṅga

Published: 09.09.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

The Ācārāṅga occupies first place in Dvādasāṅga. [1] There are two opinions - According to one school, it is the first from the point of view of the order of the theme, but considering its period of compilation, it is the twelfth. The other school of thought considers it at first place on both the counts Acharya Malayagiri [2] and Abhayadeva Suri [3] have referred to the contention of both the schools. These views were prevalent in their times. Aṅgas were extracted from Pūrvas and as such the view of the former school appears to be justified.

According to the Niryuktikāra, the 'Ācārāṅga' enjoys the first place because the Tῑrthaṅkara first propounded the guidelines for Ācārāṅga and then dealt with other Āgamas.[4] The Gaṇadhara also treated them in the same order.[5] The Niryuktikāra has said, 'the 'Ācārāṅga' deals with the pursuit of Mokṣa which is the essence of all and that is why the Ācārāṅga is to be regarded as first and foremost among Aṅgas.[6]

This argument has some limitation. But if we see the point made by the Niryuktikāra i.e. first of all the Ācārāṅga was extracted and compiled out of the Pūrvas and then the other Aṅgas like 'Sūtrakṛtāṅga', we overcome the limitation at least in intrinsic sense.


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