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Acharanga Bhasyam: Verse 1 : Fast Unto Death

Published: 17.06.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015

8.1 āṇupuvvī-vimohāiṃ, jāiṃ ghīrā samāsajja.
vasumaṃto maimaṃto, savaṃ ṇaccā aṇelisaṃ..

The forebearing, self-restraint and wise monks know the proper time of fasting unto death, in due order of his practice of spiritual discipline. Then, they come to know the prescription of three kinds of fasting unto death, namely, giving up of food, with unrestricted movement from place to place, with restricted movement and without movement, which are absolutely different from the death courted by the ignorant person.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 1

'In due order' means in proper sequence. The monks accept initiation, adopt training, that is, they learn the scripture and the meaning, engage themselves in teaching and travelling in the country. Theieafter on the detrioration of age and strength,[1] they accept fasting through meditation, undeluded, that is, devoid of delusion. This is uncommon and unlike the ignorant's death. Having understood the complete nature of fasting through meditation, he accepts such fasting. Only those persons who are forebearing,[2] self-restrained and wise adopt such fasting. By this the three criteria of the worthiness of fasting through meditation have been indicated, viz, forbearance, self-restraint and wisdom.[3]


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Jain Vishwa Bharati

Ladnun- 341 306 (Raj.) India © Jain Vishva Bharti

ISBNS 1-7195-74-4

First Edition:2001

Courtesy :
Shree Chhotulal Sethia Charitable Trust Sethia House, 23/24,
Radha Bazar Street, Kolkata-700 001 (INDIA)

Printed by:
Shree Vardhaman Press
Delhi (INDIA)

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