Acharanga Bhasyam: Sūtras 1-2 : Avoiding Contact With Heretics

Published: 02.05.2011
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8.1 se bemi - samaṇuṇṇassa vā asamaṇuṇṇassa vā asaṇaṃ vā pāṇa vā khāimaṃ vā sāimaṃ vā vatthaṃ vā paḍiggahaṃ vā kaṃbalaṃ vā pāyapuṃchaṇaṃ vā ṇo pāejjā, ṇo ṇimaṃtejjā, ṇo kujjā veyāvaḍiyaṃ - paraṃ āḍhāyamāṇe tti bemi. To the non-commensal co-religionist or the heretic, the monk should not offer food, drink, dainties, spices, bowls, blankets or whisk; nor should invite or render service to them. He should offer proper apology for such conduct—thus do I say. Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 1

A monk should not offer food etc. to a non-commensal co-religionist or a non-coreligionist, not should he invite them for offering, nor should he render[1] his service, but in doing so, he should always be very polite[2] and offer apology: this is our religious etiquette or rule, and therefore you should not feel angry.

samaṇunna - a co-religionist monk who has the same philosophical belief and outfit, but who is not eligible to have meals etc. together with him.[3] asamṇuṇṇa - a heretic monk.[3] 8.2 dhuvaṃ ceyaṃ jāṇejjā - asaṇaṃ vā pāṇaṃ vā khāimaṃ vā sāimaṃ vā vatthaṃ vā paḍiggahaṃ vā kaṃbalaṃ vā pāyapuṃchaṇaṃ vā labhiyaṇo labhiya, bhuṃjiya, paṃthaṃ viuttā viukamma vibhattaṃ dhammaṃ jhosemāṇe samemāṇe palemāṇe, pāejja vā, ṇimaṃtejja vā, kujjā veyāvaḍiyaṃ—paraṃ aṇāḍhāyamāṇe tti bemi. The heretic may address the monk thus: 'know this for certain that in our monastery there is daily availability of food, drink, dainties, spices, clothes, bowls, blankets, whisks. Whether you get these elsewhere or not, whether you have taken your meals or not, whether your path may be straight or turned, practicing your own discipline, you may come and go'. On such request of the heretic ascetic, if the monk goes there and is offered food etc. invited to partake them and rendered service to him, he should not show the slightest respect and he should be indifferent - thus do I say. Bhāṣyaṃ Sūtra 2

The heretics may address the ascetic thus: 'O monk! you should know for certain that food etc. are available at our monastery. Please come here, even if you have obtained or not obtained, elsewhere eaten or not eaten. Our monastery is a little far from the path, therefore leaving the straight way and walking a few steps in a different direction, please reach here. Your faith is different from ours, there is however no difficulty. While following your own discipline, you may come here and then go'. In this way if the heretic offers food etc. or invites him or offers some service, he should refuse without any kind of appreciation. He should not accept anything from the heretics, nor should he live with them, nor should he cultivate acquintance with them.


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