Anekanta: The Third Eye: [09.15] Transformation - Do Not Be Carried Away By The Event

Published: 06.09.2007
Updated: 02.07.2015

When our awareness rises, our felicity for mindful acts (bhavakriya) improves, then the question of experience will not arise. Mindful action is an important rule of meditation. We should live in the present. We should know the modes of the present. We should not get caught with past and future modes. To know does not mean one does not make any effort. In reality only the man who knows takes the right decisions, makes the right effort. The man caught up with the past and the future does not make so much effort or take the right decision.

There was a businessman who heard that a loss had occurred in business. On hearing it he became worried, sad disheartened and sat with his head in his hands. This meant the man had started experiencing the event.

Another man got to know that his business had suffered a loss. He knew it but he did not get carried away with that news. He will take the right decisions, make the right efforts and thus make his life successful.

One man had great profits in business. He got so excited that he lost his life!
Too much happiness can also give sorrow and too much sorrow can also give more sorrow.

This took place in Gujarat where a poor man bought a lottery ticket for Rs 5 and won Rs 5 lakh on it. Now the prize money had come but the official did not want to break the news to the man suddenly for he felt too much happiness might kill that man. He consulted an intelligent doctor. The doctor said he would take care. They all went to his house and asked after him. The man said, "My life is very sorrowful. Is there no let up for me ever?"
The doctor asked, "If you get ten thousand rupees from somewhere how will it be?"
"Oh come on where can that ever happen to me. If that happens I will give half of that to you."
The doctor asked, "If you get fifty thousand rupees!
The man replied, "I will give you twenty-five thousand."
The doctor asked, "If you get one lakh rupees?" The man replied, "I will give you fifty thousand." The doctor asked, "If you get two lakhs rupees?" The man replied, "I will give you one lakh."
The doctor asked, "If you get five lakhs then?" The man replied, "I will give you two and a half." "you will give me two and a half lakhs?" asked the doctor with such surprise that his heart failed and he died on the spot.

It is true that the man who gets carried away by the event invites sorrow. The man who meditates should know this. Even after meditation if he is not able to know this, then he should accept that his meditation has not been successful. If a man's behaviour, conduct and thoughts have not undergone change after meditation then he should know that he has not even entered the meditation chamber. Meditation begins to be successful only when the behaviour, conduct, thoughts and perspectives begin to change. The foremost thing that happens is that experience takes a backseat and knowing takes the place of importance.

  • Anekanta: The Third Eye by Acharya Mahaprajna, © 2002
  • Translated by Sudhamahi Regunathan
  • Published by Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (Deemed University), Ladnun, Rajasthan, India

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