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Navkar Mahamantra: Prohibition of eating after Sun-set... (Ratri Bhojan Nishedha Vrata)

Published: 30.11.2013

Page 49


Avoiding meals at night is not a major vow of non violence in Jainism but since it is related to non violence, there is a great importance of eating before sun-set. This protects us from the violence of unknowingly consuming small insects and from diseases caused thus. The practice of eating before sunset is healthy, for it provides enough time for digestion. According to Mahabharat, regularly eating before sun set for a month endows the benefit of fifteen fasts. There are countless Shravaks who follow this vrata. All Saints and Nuns strictly follow it.

Title: Navkar Mahamantra Designer & Publisher: Prakash Sancheti / Navkar Textile, Jodhpur, India Edition: 2012 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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  1. Jainism
  2. Mahabharat
  3. Non violence
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