Navkar Mahamantra: The Power Of Soul

Published: 31.10.2013
Updated: 04.11.2013

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From the basic knowledge of Jainism, we know it is a religion of self-help and does not believe in assistance from any outside agency to help the Soul attain its goal even though that outside agency may be God. Every Soul has an inherent power to attain liberation. Soul has wish fulfilling as well as self-destroying power. Jainism believes that by Right Vision, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct, one may achieve realization Of the Soul while other religions believe in the worship of the trio of creator, maintainer and destroyer to attain salvation.

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In Jainism Right Conduct is a very important part of life. The Navkar Mantra teaches us how to live so that we can begin our pilgrimage of life towards attaining purity of the Soul. It teaches us to be poised, peaceful, patient, serene and equanimous throughout life. Whether there is loss or profit; sorrow or pleasure; hatred or love; honour or dishonour one should remain equanimous or peaceful. For example if a man works hard to get the food but cannot avail of it, he will not blame anybody because he will realize that providence does not want to help him. Instead he will utilize the situation for fasting so that he may cut his sinful acts to purify the soul. Even if he succeeds in getting food thereafter, he will not express his happiness over it. He has learnt the art of living peacefully and patiently in all circumstances. A rational person would lead a quiet life whether life presents moments of sorrow or pleasure because he fully understands they have no relation with the Soul. In fact they form a karmic veil over it. The characteristic of Navkar Mantra is peace and patience. It leads to prudence and discretion. The learned Ravan who abducted a beautiful woman named Sita would not have done so if he had possessed the virtues of Navkar. Yudhister lost his wealth, state and his dear wife too in the dice game. If he had any awareness regarding Navkar, he would not have indulged in gambling. Follower of Navkar Mantra thinks rationally, prudently and discreetly.

Title: Navkar Mahamantra Designer & Publisher: Prakash Sancheti / Navkar Textile, Jodhpur, India Edition: 2012 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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