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Navkar Mahamantra: 5 Sadhus or Monks

Published: 08.11.2013
Updated: 11.12.2013

Page 16



 There are twenty seven qualities of the Jain Saints.


A. Observance of five major vows:

1. Non-violence (Ahinsa)  
2. Truthfulness (Satya)  
3. Non-theft (Achaurya)
4. Celibacy (Brahmacharya)  
5. Non-attachment to riches (Aparigrah)

B. Control over five senses:

1. Control over sense of touch  
2. Control over sense of taste  
3. Control over sense of smell
4. Control over sense of sight  
5. Control of hearing

C. Victory over four passions or kashyas:

1. Victory over anger  
2. Victory over pride  
3. Victory over deceit  
4. Victory over greed

D. Control over three media:

1. Control over mind  
2. Control over speech  
3. Control over body

E. Ten pious duties (Dharma):

1. Highest forgiveness (Uttam Kshama)  
2. Humility (Mardava)
3. Straight forwardness (Arjava)  
4. Truth (Satya)  
5. Purity (Souch)
6. Self control (Sanyam)  
7. Penance (Tap)  
8. Renunciation (Tyag)
9. Non-attachment (Akinchanya)  
10. Chastity (Brahmacharya)

Let us move towards the remaining four qualities of the Navkar Mantra. I humbly wish to clear that Right Penance is so important that it deserves separate mention, although some scholars treat it as a part of Right Conduct.

The Navkar Mantra leads us to "tumso ma jyotirgamaya" and 'asto ma satorgamaya' i.e. from darkness to light and from untruth to truth in the pilgrimage to the realization of the Soul.

Right Vision, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct are termed as the three jewels of Jainism. These three contain the Jain philosophy and ethics or in a nutshell Jain religion. Honoured Umaswati has described in Tatvarth Sutra "Samyag Darshan, Gyan, Charitrani Moksh marg". Right Vision, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct - together constitute the gateway to liberation.

Title: Navkar Mahamantra Designer & Publisher: Prakash Sancheti / Navkar Textile, Jodhpur, India Edition: 2012 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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  1. Achaurya
  2. Ahinsa
  3. Arjava
  4. Body
  5. Brahmacharya
  6. Celibacy
  7. Darshan
  8. Dharma
  9. Greed
  10. Gyan
  11. Jain Philosophy
  12. Jainism
  13. Kashyas
  14. Kshama
  15. Mantra
  16. Mardava
  17. Navkar Mantra
  18. Non-violence
  19. Sadhus
  20. Samyag Darshan
  21. Sanyam
  22. Satya
  23. Soul
  24. Sutra
  25. Tap
  26. Three Jewels
  27. Tyag
  28. Uttam Kshama
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