Navkar Mahamantra: 3 Acharyas

Published: 06.11.2013
Updated: 08.11.2013

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They are Jain-monks or Saints who are heads of the order of the Saints. They are also heads of the four fold organisation of Jain-monks, nuns, shravaks and shravikas. They teach all about Right Vision, Right Knowledge, Right Conduct and Right Penance. They can be called the crest jewels of the four fold order.

Acharyas possess 36 virtues as follows.

A. Control over five senses:

  1. Control over sense of touch.
  2. Control over sense of taste.
  3. Control over sense of smell.
  4. Control over sense of sight.
  5. Control of hearing.

B. Victory over four passions (kashyas):

  1. Victory over anger.
  2. Victory over pride.
  3. Victory over deceit.
  4. Victory over greed.

C. Renunciation of five sins:

  1. Renunciation of violence.
  2. Renunciation of non truth.
  3. Renunciation of theft.
  4. Renunciation of non-chastity.
  5. Renunciation of accumulation.

D. Control over three media:

  1. Control over mind.
  2. Control over speech.
  3. Control over body.

E. Five types of vigilance:

  1. Vigilance in walking.
  2. Vigilance in talking.
  3. Vigilance in eating.
  4. Vigilance in handling equipment.
  5. Vigilance in evacuation.

F. Nine fences for the protection of celibacy:

  1. Not to live in a house where a woman lives.
  2. Not to talk about the beauty of a woman.
  3. Not to sit with woman on the same seat.
  4. Not to look at parts of woman's body.
  5. Not to listen to woman's song and music.
  6. Not to remember past incidents of enjoying the company of women.
  7. Not to take food that gives excitement.
  8. Not to overeat.
  9. Not to make body attractive.

G. Five types of conduct:

  1. Conduct of knowledge
  2. Eight conducts of vision.
  3. Eight conducts of character
  4. Twelve conducts of penance
  5. Infinite power


Title: Navkar Mahamantra Designer & Publisher: Prakash Sancheti / Navkar Textile, Jodhpur, India Edition: 2012 HN4U Online Edition: 2013

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