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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: Exquisitive Virtue Of Non-indulgence, Resulting From Enlightenment

jaha visamuvabhujjaṃto vejjo puriso ṇa maraṇamuvayādi.
poggalakammassudayaṃ taha bhuṃjadi ṇeva bajjhade ṇāṇῑ..

jaha majjaṃ pivamāṇo aradibhāveṇa ṇa majjade puriso.
davvuvabhoge arado ṇāṇῑ vi ṇa bajjhade taheva..

sevaṃto vi ṇa sevadi asevamāṇo vi sevago ko vi.
pagaraṇaceṭṭhā kassa vi ṇa ya pāyaraṇo tti so hodi..

udayavivāgo viviho kammāṇaṃ vaṇṇido jiṇavarehim.
ṇa hu te majjha sahāvā jāṇagabhāvo du ahamekko..

poggalakammaṃ rāgo tassa vivāgodao havadi eso.
ṇa hu esa majjha bhāvo jāṇagabhāvo du ahamekko..

evaṃ sammādiṭthῑ appāṇaṃ muṇadi jāṇagasahāvaṃ.
 udayaṃ kammavivāgaṃ ca muyadi taccaṃ viyāṇaṃto..

 (Jaha) Just as (vejjo puriso) a toxicologist (visamuvabhujjaṃto maraṇaṃ ṇa uvayādi) does not die inspite of handling and dealing with poisons, (taha) in the same way (ṇāṇῑ poggalakammassudayaṃ bhuṃjadi ṇeva bajjhade) the enlightened soul, inspite of enjoying the fruits of karma, does not suffer bondage.

(Jaha) Just as (puriso majjaṃ pivamāṇo) a person, in spite of indulging in alcoholic drinks, (aradi bhāveṇa ṇa majjade) does not get intoxicated because he has developed the capacity of controlling it, (taheva) in the same way (ṇāṇῑ vi davvuvabhoge arado ṇa bajjhade) the enlightened soul, by remaining aloof and impassive, inspite of using the material objects does not incur bondage.

 (Ko vi sevaṃto vi ṇa sevadi) There are some [enlightened souls] who [by remaining impassive] do not indulge [psychically] inspite of apparent/physical indulgence; (asevamāṇo vi sevago) [on the other hand] there are others who [due to their intrinsic hankering] indulge [psychically] inspite of [physical] non-indulgence; (kassa vi pagaraṇaceṭṭhā ṇa ya so pāyaraṇo tti hodi) just as an agent or broker transacts a business deal [for his principal] without actually being liable for its profit or loss [see annotations].

(Jiṇavarehiṃ) the omniscients (kammāṇaṃ udayavivāgo viviho vaṇṇido) have shown many varieties of the fruits of the rise of karma (te hu majjha sahāvā ṇa) but they are not my attributes, (ahaṃ du ekko jaṇagabhāvo) [because] pure consciousness alone is my characteristic attribute [so contemplates the enlightened soul].

(Rāgo poggalakammaṃ) Affection is, being its mode, identical with karma (tassa vivāgodao eso havadi) because affection is the fruit of its rise; (esa hu majjha bhāvo ṇa) it can never be my attribute (ahaṃ du ekko jāṇagabhāvo) pure consciousness alone is my characteristic attribute.

(Evaṃ sammādiṭṭhῑ appāṇaṃ) In this manner, the enlightened soul (jāṇagasahavaṃ muṇadi) identifies himself with nothing but pure consciousness (ca taccaṃ viyaṇaṃto kammavivāgaṃ udayaṃ muṇadi) and so doing, he renounces/abandons the [impure] states resulting from the rise/fruition of karma.


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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