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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: A Sage Is Free From All Desires

uppaṇṇodayabhogo viyogabuddhie tassa so ṇiccaṃ.
kaṃkhāmaṇāgadassa ya udayassa ṇa kuvvade ṇāṇῑ..

jo vedadi vedijjadi samaye-samaye viṇassade uhayaṃ.
 taṃ jāṇago du ṇāṇῑ uhayaṃ ṇa kaṃkhadi kayādi..

baṃdhuvabhogaṇimitte ajjhavasāṇodayesu ṇāṇissa.
saṃsāradehavisayesu ṇeva uppajjade rāgo..

(So uppaṇṇodayabhogo) Enjoyment of the fruits of the karma which has come into rise (tassa ṇiccaṃ viyogabuddhie) is a matter of total indifference to the enlightened sage [Jñānῑ] (ya ṇāṇῑ aṇāgadassa udayassa kaṃkhaṃ ṇa kuvvadi) and there is no expectation [desire] for the fruit of the karma which would come to rise in future.

(Jo vedadi vedijjadi uhayaṃ samaye-samaye viṇassade) He who experiences and what is being experienced [i.e., the subject as well as the object of the experience] are both transitory states [modes] characterized by instantaneousness; (taṃ jāṇago du ṇāṇῑ uhayaṃ pi kayāvi ṇa kaṃkhadi) an enlightened sage is [always] aware of both [these states] but never has any desire for them.

 (Baṃdhuvabhogaṇimitte saṃsāradehavisayesu ajjhavasāṇodayesu ṇāṇissa rāgo ṇeva uppajjade) An enlightened sage never has any liking [desire] for impulses of affection and attachment for carnal, sensual, worldly and physical pleasures produced by the fruition [rise] of karma.


In these verses, the author continues to depict the desireless state of an enlightened sage (jñāni).


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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