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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: Both Methodologies Are Necessary

vavahāro'bhūdattho bhūdattho desido du suddhaṇao.
bhūdatthamassido khalu sammādiṭṭhī havadi jīvo..

suddho suddhādeso ṇādavvo paramabhāvadarisihiṃ.
vavahāradesido puṇa je du aparameṭṭhidā bhāve..

(Vavahāro) The popular or conventional point of view (abhūdattho) does not yield the ultimate truth, (du) and (suddhaṇao) the pure transcendental point of view leads to it, (desido) this is revealed by the enlightened seers; (jīvo) the soul who (bhūdatthamassido) takes refuge in the transcendental (khalu) is for sure (sammādiṭṭhī) in possession of the right faith.

(Suddho) The pure and transcendental point of view, which is expounded by (suddhādeso paramabhāvadarisīhiṃ) those who have actually experienced and realized the ultimate truth and so recommend it, (ṇādavvo) must, of course, be learnt; but on the otherhand (je du) for those souls who (aparame bhāve ṭhidā) have not yet attained the highest conscious level of actual experience (vavahāra desido) the popular or conventional technique is more useful and is therefore recommended.


We have seen that 'naya' is a methodology of gaining insight into the nature of reality. In actual life, each one of us is associated not only with one's own body, but with several other things such as family, community, etc. There is a feeling of joy or sorrow with the prosperity or adversity of the family or the nation to which one belongs. Our worldly existence is vitiated by perversities and crippled by various privations and disabilities. We are subjected to two powerful opposite forces. There is an inherent tendency in every soul to be freed from the cycles of births, but this centrifugal tendency is thwarted by a centripetal force that keeps the soul lingering on the periphery of the world process. The centripetal force consists in the passions of attraction and repulsion. It is the centrifugal tendency that ultimately leads the soul to the right path. It is a fact of common experience that different individuals have different degrees of spiritual power manifested in them. Spiritual purification and advancement varies from person to person. Thus from the person, who has just achieved his first dawn of enlightenment to the omniscient by virtue of their full scriptural knowledge, there would be infinite degrees of variation. Thus it would be unwise to present the reality in its ultimate form to those with umpteen limitations and imperfections. For them the popular technique will be more useful and is, therefore, recommended.


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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