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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: Empirical Aspect Of Bondage

Jῑvamhi hedubhūde baṃdhassa du passidūṇa pariṇāmaṃ.
 jῑveṇa kadaṃ kammaṃ bhaṇṇadi uvayārametteṇa..

jodehi kade juddhe rāeṇa kadaṃ ti jaṃpade logo.
 taha vavahāreṇa kadaṃ ṇāṇāvaraṇādi jῑveṇa..

uppādedi karedi ya baṃdhadi pariṇāmaedi giṇhadi ya.
 ādā poggaladavvaṃ vavahāraṇayassa vattavvaṃ..

jaha rāyā vavahārā dosaguṇaāuppādago tti ālavido.
 taha jῑvo vavahārā davvaguṇaṇuppādago bhaṇido..

 (Uvayārametteṇa bhaṇṇadi) Empirically and metaphorically only it can be said that (jῑveṇa kammaṃ kadaṃ) the soul has produced karma (jῑvamhi hedubhūde baṃdhassa du pariṇāmaṃ passidūṇa) on seeing the bondage of various types of karma through extrinsic agency of the soul.

(Jodhehi juddhe kade rāyeṇa kadaṃ) Just as, though in reality the war is fought by the armed forces, 'the king is at war' (tti logo jaṃpade) is the popular saying, (taha) similarly (ṇāṇāvaraṇādi jῑveṇa kadaṃ vavahāreṇa) empirically [popularly] it may be said that the soul has produced knowledge—obscuring karma and the like.

(Ādā) The soul (uppādedi) brings into existence, (karedi ya) produces, (baṃdhadi) is in bondage with, (pariṇāmaedi) determines the modification of, (ya giṇhadi) and assimilates (poggaladavvaṃ) physical substance (vavahāraṇayassa vattavvaṃ) can be (legitimately) stated from empirical aspect.

(Jaha) Just as (rāyā dosaguṇaāuppādago tti vavahārā ālavido) conventionally and metaphorically it can be said that the ruler (king) is the producer of merit or demerit in his subjects, (taha) in the same way (jῑva) [to say that] the soul (vavahārā davvaguṇaṇuppādago bhanido) produces the substance and the qualities (of physical substance) is a metaphorical statement.


The essence of the empirical aspect is that it deals with the modification i.e., the stales only and leaves the substances aside and out of its purview while the transcendental aspect deals with the substance and leaves the states alone. We have already discussed the four subtypes of empirical (vyavahāra) point of view in the preceding verses. Here a simple analogy of the king-at-war clearly illustrates that the popular statement depicting the soul as the producer (kartā) of karma is asadbhuta as well as upacarita only.


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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