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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: Eternal Metaphysical Truths

jo jamhi guṇe davve so aṇṇamhi du ṇa saṃkamadi davve.
so aṇṇamasaṃkaṃto kiha taṃ pariṇāmae davvaṃ..

davvaguṇassa ya ādā ṇa kuṇadi poggalamayamhi kammamhi.
taṃ uhayamakuvvaṃto tamlti kahaṃ tassa so kattā..

(Jo jamhi guṇe davve so aṇṇamhi du davve ṇa saṃkamadi) Modification of each substance and quality, being inherent to them, can never leave them and migrate to another substance or quality; (aṇṇamasaṃkaṃto) and when it cannot migrate to an alien substance (so taṃ davvaṃ kiha pariṇāmae) how can it determine the modes of the alien substance?

(Ādā poggalamayamhi kammamhi davvaguṇassa ya ṇa kuṇadi) The soul [conscious substance] cannot transmute its substance and qualities into karma which is (karmic) matter physical substance, (tamhi taṃ uhayamakuvvaṃto) when neither of them (substance or quality) can be transmuted (so tassa kattā kahaṃ) how can the soul be the producer (kartā) of karma?


Reiterating the unchanging and untransgressable cosmic law that each eternal substance, (dravya) exclusively, determines its own modes/states, the author says that interaction of the conscious substance and karmic matter is limited to intermingling but not interpenetration or intermigration of its qualities. By virtue of possessing a universal cosmic quality called agarulaghutva, each substance eternally retains its own identity inspire of sharing externally the same space and time as well as very intimate mutual interaction.

The soul, being jῑvāstikāya—the conscious substance, and its own conscious qualities (jñāna and darśana) are eternally identical with each other and cannot penetrate or migrate into the karmic matter which is another substance pudgalāstikāya with its own qualities and states. It is, therefore, illegitimate to pronounce the soul as the substantive cause (upādāna kartā) of karma?


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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