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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: Presenting The Heretic's (False) View: Karma Is The Producer And Not The Soul

kammehi du aṇṇāṇῑ kijjadi ṇāṇῑ taheva kammehiṃ.
kammehi suvāvijjadi jaggāvijjadi taheva kammehiṃ..

kammehi suhāvijjadi dukkhāvijjadi taheva kammehi.
kammehi ya micchattaṃ ṇijjadi ya asaṃjamaṃ ceva..

kammehi bhamāḍijjadi uḍḍhamahaṃ cāvi tiriyaloyaṃ ca.
kammehi ceva kijjadi suhāsuhaṃ jettiyaṃ kiṃci..

jamhā kammaṃ kuvvadi kammaṃ de di haradi tti jaṃ kiṃci.
tamhā savve jῑvā akāragā hoṃti āvaṇṇā..

(Kammehi du aṇṇāṇῑ kijjadi) It is the karma that produces wrong cognition—ajñāna—in the soul; (taheva kammehiṃ ṇāṇῑ) it is the karma that makes the soul—the knower; (kammehi suvāvijjadi) it is the karma that makes the soul to go to sleep and again; (taheva kammehiṃ jaggāvijjadi) it is the karma that awakens the soul.

(Kammehi suhāvijjadi) It is the karma that makes the soul happy/contented; (taheva kammehiṃ dukkhāvijjadi) and it is the karma that makes the soul unhappy/miserable; (ya kammehi micchattaṃ ṇijjadi) and it is the karma that produces perverted belief; (ya asaṃjamaṃ ceva) it is the karma that produces non-abstinence.

(Kammehi uḍḍhamahaṃ cāvi tiriyaloyaṃ bhamāḍijjadi ca) It is the karma that makes the soul wander in the upper, lower, and the middle worlds; (kammehi eva jettiyaṃ kiṃci suhāsuhaṃ kijjadi) it is the karma that brings out whatever is good or evil in the soul.

(Jamhā kammaṃ kuvvadi kammaṃ dedi tti jaṃ kiṃci haradi) [All this is the result of karma] because it is the karma that does, karma that gives and it is the karma that destroys whatever exists; (tamhā savve jῑvā akāragā āvaṇṇā hoṃti) hence, all souls are proved to be inactive/non-doers (akāraka).


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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