Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: A Reliable, Systematic And Practical Method To Isolate Pure Consciousness

baṃdhāṇaṃ ca sahāvaṃ viyāṇiduṃ appaṇo sahāvaṃ ca.
baṃdhesu jo virajjadi so kammavimokkhaṇaṃ kuṇadi..

jῑvo baṃdho ya tahā chijjaṃti salakkhaṇehi ṇiyadehiṃ.
paṇṇāchedaṇaeṇa du chiṇṇā ṇāṇattamāvaṇṇā..

jῑvo baṃdho ya tahā chijjaṃti salakkhaṇehi ṇiyadehiṃ.
baṃdho chededavvo suddho appā ya ghettavvo..

kiha so gheppadi appā paṇṇāe so du gheppade appā.  
jaha paṇṇāi vihatto taha paṇṇā eva ghettavvo..

(Jo) A person (viyāṇiduṃ) who acquires the knowledge [of the basic difference] (appaṇo sahāvaṃ ca baṃdhāṇaṃ ca sahāvaṃ) between the fundamental natures of the pure self and non-self (bondage of karma) [and then applies this knowledge] (baṃdhesu jo virajjadi) to repel and abandon the non-self, (so kammavimokkhaṇaṃ kuṇadi) achieves liberation from the bondage of karma [and is emancipated].

(Jῑvo baṃdho ya tahā chijjaṃti) The pure soul (self) is distinguished from the bondage of karma (ṇiyadehiṃ salakkhaṇehi) by different characteristic attributes of each of them, [i.e., they are differentiated by their respective inherent qualities]; (paṇṇāchedaṇaeṇa du chiṇṇā) by the use of an instrument/tool called prajñā—discriminative wisdom, (ṇāṇattamāvaṇṇā) they can be separated.

[One] (Jῑvo) the self (tahā ya) and (baṃdho) the bondage (non-self) [each of which, by virtue of possessing] (ṇiyadehiṃ salakkhaṇehi) different inherent attributes, [is identified] (chijjaṃti) are separated from each other [by using wisdom as tool as stated in the preceding verse], [the next step is] (baṃdho chededavvo) to abandon the non-self, (ya) and (suddho appā ghettavo) realize and collect the isolated pure self.

[To a query by a junior disciple]-(Kiha so gheppadi appā) "How can one collect the soul?," [the ācārya replies]—(paṇṇāe so du gheppade appā) The self is collected by wisdom; (jaha paṇṇāi vihatto) The same tool which separated and isolated the soul, viz the wisdom (prajñā), (taha paṇṇāeva ghettavo) must be used to realize, i.e., to collect it after separation.


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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