Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: Right Knowledge Results In The Abandonment Of The Arrogance

evaṃ parāṇi davvāṇi appayaṃ kuṇadi maṃdabuddhῑo.
appāṇaṃ avi ya paraṃ karedi aṇṇāṇabhāveṇa..

edeṇa du so kattā ādā ṇicchayavidūhiṃ parikahido.
 evaṃ khalujo jāṇadi so muñcadi savvakattittaṃ..

(Evaṃ) Thus (maṃdabuddhῑo aṇṇāṇabhāveṇa) the dimwitted [unenlightened] with his perverse knowledge (parāṇi davvāṇi appayaṃ kuṇadi) transmutes alien substances into self (ya) and (appāṇaṃ avi ya paraṃ karedi) transmutes self into an alien.

(Edeṇa du) And that is why (ṇicchayavidūhiṃ) the wise scholars of transcendental aspect (so ādā kattā parikahido) have dubbed such a [soul] being a subject [kartā], (evaṃ khalu) and surely, therefore, (jo jāṇadi so savvakattittaṃ muñcadi) one, who possesses right knowledge abandons all arrogance [of being a subject].


Continuing the discussion on causal relations between the soul and karma, the author will finally conclude that right knowledge synchronizes with the abandonment of the arrogance of being karttā—determinant of the physical series of modification and this is, in fact, the starting point of spiritual realization. But before the dawn of right knowledge, the above verses declare, the soul, encumbered with threefold perversion, continues to falsely believe himself to be the subject karttā—i.e, the determinant of the physical transformations which is contrary to the truth. Truth, we have already seen, is that each substance is the sole determinant of its modes/states and none has the potency to determine the modes of another.

Accordingly, conscious substance can be the subject of pure psychical states only. But its perverse knowledge prevents it from knowing this truth and though passions such as anger and the like are, in reality, states of (rise, fruition etc.) of karma, he continues to arrogate "I am anger and the like". Consequently, he continues the beginningless bondage and the worldly state of existence. No wonder that the wise scholars of transcendental truth consider such a soul to be stupid and unqualified even to commence the journey of spiritual realization.


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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