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Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda: The Soul (Self) Is The Causal Agent For Producing Psychic Dispositions (Bhāva Karma)

micchattaṃ jadi payaḍῑ micchādiṭṭhῑ karedi appāṇaṃ.
tamhā acedaṇā de payaḍῑ ṇaṇu kāragā pattā..

ahavā eso jῑvo poggaladavvassa kuṇadi micchattaṃ.
tamhā poggaladavvaṃ micchādiṭṭhῑ ṇa puṇa jῑvo..

aha jῑvo payaḍῑ taha poggaladavvaṃ kuṇaṃti micchattaṃ.
tamhā dohi kadaṃ taṃ doṇhi vi bhuṃjaṃti tassa phalaṃ..

aha ṇa payaḍῑ ṇa jῑvo poggaladavvaṃ karedi micchattaṃ.
tamhā poggaladavvaṃ micchatta taṃ tu ṇa hu micchā..

(Jadi) If [the soul is absolutely immutable and a non-producer [according to your belief] and] (micchattaṃ payaḍi appāṇaṃ micchādiṭṭhi karedi) it is the rise of mithyātva prakṛti [species quâ perversity] of deluding karma responsible for making the soul mithyādṛṣṭi [i.e., one with pervered belief]—[it is alone responsible for producing perverted/wrong world-view in the soul], (tamhā de) then, on the basis of this belief, according to your own view, (acedaṇā payadi ṇāṇu kāragā pattā) prakṛti which is acetanā—devoid of consciousness-assumes the role of the producer (kartā).

(Ahavā) Alternatively, (eso jῑvo poggaladavvassa micchattaṃ kuṇadi) if it is held that the soul, itself, assumes the role of the kartā—producer—and causes perverted belief in the karmic matter, (tamhā) then (poggaladavvaṃ micchādiṭṭhi) it is the physical substance that turns out to be perverted (ṇa puṇa jῑvo) and not the soul.

(Aha) Again, (jῑvo taha payaḍi poggaladevvaṃ micchattaṃ kuṇaṃti) if the (conscious) soul and the inanimate prakṛti jointly produced the perverted belief out of the physical substance (karmic matter), (tamhā dohi kadaṃ taṃ bhuṃjaṃti) then both of them are liable to enjoy the fruition of the (joint) action.

(Aha) And, [finally], (ṇa payaḍi ṇa jῑvo poggaladavvaṃ micchattaṃ karedi) if neither the soul nor the prakṛti produce the perverted belief out of the physical substance, (tamhā poggaladavvaṃ) then, physical substance itself has the perverted belief, (taṃ tu na hu micchā) Isn't this patently absurd?


Samayasara - by Acharya Kundakunda Publishers:
Jain Vishva Bharati University First Edition: 2009

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