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Posted: 23.03.2015

Till now, in the description of cylindrical pit in the Śvetāmbara tradition, the calculation of yojana, taken into account, was based on utsedha aṅgula but here while dealing the conception of the Digambara tradition; it is to be understood in accordance with pramaṇa aṅgula.

 Thus, as we have seen,[1]

1 yojana = 768000 x 500 x 87 hair-tips of the humans of Uttama Bhoga Bhūmi.

1 pramaṇa aṅgula = 500 utsedha aṅgulas.

∴ Volume of the cylindrical pit[2]

= 19/6 x 1/4 x (768000 x 500 x 87)10

= 413,452,630,308,203,177,749,512,192,000,000,000,000,000 cube of hair-tips of humans of Uttama Bhoga Bhūmi.

= 4.13 x 1044 cube of hair-tips of humans of Uttama Bhoga Bhūmi approximately.[3]

In this way, the number of hair-tips filled in the cylindrical pit = 4.13 x 1044.

The hair-tips are taken out of it in three ways. On the basis of these different ways, palyopamas are of three types:

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