The Enigma Of The Universe ► 4 ►A Critique ► I. What is Universe ► (A) Philosophical Idealism & Jain View ► 2. Theism, Pantheism & Jainism ► Refutation of Pantheism

Posted: 24.11.2014

Pantheism, which considers God as the only reality, is not accepted by Jain philosophy. Though Jainism does not deny the objective existence of the supreme souls, it does not consider the universe as a mere manifestation of God. In the philosophical works of Jains, we come across long discussion on and refutation of pantheism on logical basis.[1] Even, on the basis of common experience and general logic, we find the view of pantheism incorrect, for our common experience proves the objective plurality and reality of the external objects. Hence, the concept of pantheism obviously becomes invalid. We find that the refutation of pantheism is also made by some other theistic philosophies. In scholasticism, we meet with remarkable arguments against pantheism.[2]

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