The Enigma Of The Universe ► Appendices ► Appendix II ► Time-Units In Jain Philosophy

Posted: 19.03.2015

The units of time in the Jain philosophy have been classified in three kinds:

1. Saṃkhyāta (numerable or countable) time-units. The units of time from ‘samaya’ to Śīrṣaprahelikā are saṃkhyāta time units.

2. Asaṃkhyāta (innumerable or uncountable) time-units.The units of time like palyopama, sāgaropama etc. are considered asaṃkhyāta time-units.

3. Ananta (infinite) time units. The units of time like pudgalaparāvartana are ananta time units.

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