The Enigma Of The Universe ► Appendices ► Appendix II ► Time-Units In Jain Philosophy ► According to the Śvetāmbara Tradition ► 4. Sukṣma Addhā Palyopama

Posted: 22.03.2015

Each hair-tip is cut into innumerable pieces, as in the sukṣma uddhāra palyopama. After every hundred years, a single piece is removed from the pit. The total period of time that elapses for emptying it completely is called sukṣma addhā palyopama. In this way, one sukṣma addhā palyopama

= {(3.3 x 1036) x 100 x innumerable} years

= {(3.3 x 1038) x innumerable} years.

Table of Uncountable Time-units

1 Sukṣma addhā palyopama = 3.3 x 1036 uncountable samayas

1 Sukṣma uddhāra palyopama = 3.3 x 1038 uncountable years.

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