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Published: 25.11.2014
Updated: 26.11.2014

Now that you have read the book, the question might arise: - How may I experience all this myself? - What can I do to unfold all these intriguing dormant states of consciousness within myself?'

Well, - first of all, - regard your path to freedom from karmic limitations not as a grave obligation or as a heavy load on you, but rather as an adventure, - a venture of discovery, - a romantic quest for something new and fascinating, - an exciting journey of exploration. There is no compulsion not to enjoy your venture. You are not obliged to behave grave, solemn and glum while reaching for the highest, or to regard it as hard work only. It is nowhere stated that you are forbidden to laugh and play and to have fun while you achieve real freedom.

What to do? - Well, - carry out the directions given in 'How To Dissolve Karma' (see 'Checklist for Real Growth' at the end of this book) and follow these seven suggestions, - higher dimensions of your consciousness will then become reality automatically:

1 - Become aware of the many insights you already have

Put your attention on your moments of wakefulness, no matter how short and fleeting they are, - on these moments of clear understanding that give you insight into broader and deeper meanings of this world. Become aware that these sudden breakthroughs give you vital information about the many dimensions of consciousness hidden within you.

Remember the emotions that accompany these insights, these breakthroughs and try to re-experience what you felt while they occurred.

As a result your understanding will expand. Your fleeting insights will stabilize and become a natural feature of your life.

2 - Always go for the highest choice

If you can choose between a comfortable and an uncomfortable path, - choose the uncomfortable one, that's the right one for you.

See, you already know the comfortable path, because otherwise how could you possibly recognize that it is more comfortable. What we already know always feels more comfortable. It is the unknown that makes us feel awkward and uneasy. It is always the unknown that requires considerable more energy to face than the familiar.

Choose the uncomfortable path because it will lead you out of the known circle of your life, - it is the one that will break your boundaries, - it is the one that will expand the envelope in which you move.

3 - Really carry out what you intend to do

Initiate the actions you want to experience. Intentionally put yourself into those situations and positions that make you really meet the challenges you want to face.

Try out the path you see in front of you. Do change all the components of your current life you feel need changing.

But don't procrastinate, don't lose yourself in endless preparation. Go ahead through learning by doing.

And don't seek too much advise. Advise from well-meaning friends and relatives is one of the major reasons why well-intentioned projects fail. Especially the people close to you more often than not have not the slightest clue what you are reaching for.

You are shaping your very own, individual path according to your very own needs, - if you are serious about it, you definitely will know what to do, - you don't need much advise.

And if you don't know what to do? - If nothing comes to your mind how to create your path to higher stages, then

4 - Make a list

Make a list of all the things you'd like to do or to become this life. Write down all your aspirations, ideals, dreams, fantasies, everything that comes to your mind, even if it looks utterly absurd to you and even if it does not seem to lead into a spiritual direction:

Do write down the things you want to learn, to master, to apply.

Write down the situations you want to experience, the places to visit, the people you want to meet, to interact and to have fun with.

Write down the honors you want to receive, the amount of money you would like to have and what you will do with it once you attained it.

Write down the challenges you want to meet and how much excitement they should bring to your life.

Write down the adventures you want to experience, and how much risk you are prepared to face on these ventures without known outcome.

Never censure your thoughts while you are writing, - never evaluate whether your desires are feasible or not, whether they appear comfortable or not, whether you are afraid of them or not. Do not even put them in any sequence - like what to do first, what takes priority, what is most or least feasible. All this comes later. During this first step just define that colorful part of yourself you have not manifested yet.

And never regard this list closed. This is only your very first list, add more items at any time you like.

Arrange this list according to your preferences.

Then do whatever is necessary to playfully realize all your ideas, desires, fantasies and aspirations. -

Become all what you really want to be.

  • It will give you self-assuredness, charisma and power.
  • It will make you aware of new areas of life.
  • It will alert you to the ways you manifest your dreams.
  • It will unfold more advanced perception within you.
  • It will intensify your life.

This process frees you from your dormant desires. Enjoy it! - And at one certain point in time you will notice that you have become what you ever wanted to be and to experience. Now your emotions and mind are free to explore higher levels. Now you perceive the higher avenues that previously were clouded by dormant desires you did release through action.

There is no need to hasten this process, but keep at it steadily.

5 - Live  instead of only watching TV

If you want your life to be interesting, stop watching TV. TV takes all your creativity, energy and focus and dumps it into the low-level reality it covers. It gives you nothing in return.

You might think you only watch very little and then only carefully selected programs of high cultural value. - But don't kid yourself. Even watching a little TV thoroughly undermines your ability to recognize the lines of action leading to inner expansion.

Get rid of these debilitating machines. You fully need to extract your consciousness from their paralyzing power if you seriously intend to discover any of the higher realities within yourself.

6 - Live vegetarian

Many experience more subtle insights once they completely switch to vegetarian food.

So - give it a try. Don't eat any kind of meat or fish for two solid months. You should feel the effect 4 to 6 weeks after the switch.

Then decide whether you prefer the clarity of mind, the lightness of your body and the easiness of comprehension you now experience to the fleeting taste of meat or fish - and make your decision permanent.

But - if you go for this test - become 100% vegetarian for this time. Don't break your intent even once or for any (social) reason during this period. Otherwise you might not feel any effect.

Water only boils at 100° Celsius, - below this temperature nothing will start. Do it wholeheartedly.

7 - Be courageous - don't fear

And finally - be courageous in your quest for higher stages of development. Fear is always only acquired. And most of the time it is entirely groundless.

Sure, - any conscious confrontation with situations whose outcome is uncertain and unforeseeable may cause initial fear or apprehension. Don't be afraid of this 'initial fear' itself. Don't permit fears to run your life.

You cannot escape fear by avoiding situations you believe will produce fear. This merely directs this negative emotion towards other situations, persons or objects.

Courageously confront your fears, realize how unnecessary they are, and then be free of them.

Pericles - Athenian admiral and statesman (495-429 BC) successfully defended Athens against overwhelming outside aggression and brought about its highest bloom. He lived true to his words -

'Knoweth -

the secret of happiness is freedom,

but freedom's secret is courage.'

  1. recgnize the many insights you already have
  2. always go for the highest choice
  3. really do what you intend to do
  4. make a list - arrange it - realize it - complete it
  5. live instead of only watching TV
  6. live vegetarian
  7. be courageous - never fear

Dissolve existing karma / prevent new karma
  • conduct your activities consciously
  • be aware of your personal behavior
  • consider the needs of others
  • fundamentally rethink your situation
  • prevent: - rage (anger) - arrogance (pride) - deceiving others (manipulation) - addiction (greed)
  • dissolve: - prejudices, intolerance, laziness, skepticism etc.
  • persevere when confronted with difficulties
  • maintain equanimity
  • re-evaluate deep-seated attitudes
  • be open to new influences
  • rise above personal boundaries: - think big, act big
  • receive the love of others and give love
  • direct thoughts and actions towards real freedom
  • Everything we confront in this world is transitory and subject to change.
  • As long as we focus on limiting themes of life, we attract restrictions (karma) and experience them.
  • The sequence of bodily existences we presently experience significantly restricts our potential abilities.
  • Only we cause all the situations and actions we experience.
  • Our consciousness is fundamentally different from the non-living elements (matter, time, space etc.) that enable us to experience activity (karma) within this universe.
  • Our present state of incarnation inhibits the perception of our real, majestic self.
  • Our longing for limiting activities (karma) is the main cause for our bodily existence.
  • We can stop this longing (for new karma).
  • We can dissolve our prejudices, strong negative emotions, laziness, intolerance etc. (our existing karma).
  • What do we expect of this universe?
  • What is the purpose of reality - and do we live up to our part in it?
  • How often do we gain access to effective methods that free us from all karmic restrictions?

- From  'How to dissolve Karma' -  Karma - The Mechanism

End of Book

Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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