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Karma - The Mechanism: Stage 05 Desavirata

Published: 29.10.2014
5 - The rise to the fifth stage (desavirata)

accelerates our progress towards freedom from all karmic limitations significantly in comparison to any of the preceding stages. While on the fourth level we reached clear mental insight into the functioning of the world, on this fifth level we use this clarity to consciously direct our action towards the ultimate freedom. We are carried by an energy previously unknown that amplifies all our efforts.[1] We feel the profound inner urge to explore more advanced levels of understanding and recognize with increasing clarity which of the many possible lines of action in our daily life point towards real freedom.

On this level we recognize the Five Freedoms as the main lines of action that lead in this direction. Although we succeed only partially and imperfectly to put them into practice, we fully comprehend the potential and scope the Freedoms open up for us: We experience more intense levels of compassion and an increasing grasp on truth. We become aware how our entire environment supports our path. We sense the unfoldment of inner growth. The more we detach our emotions from material objects and worries, the more we experience a freedom never tasted before.

The fifth gunasthana is mainly characterized by the following theme: Though we fully recognize the potential the Five Freedoms offer us, we consciously reject to transfer all this insight into action. We know exactly what activities and emotions we need to change, but don't act accordingly.

This is caused by the manifestation of a particular type of karma (prat­yakhyanavarana kashaya) that is the main issue of the fifth level. The more we realize that only we shape our development and the better we transfer this insight into action, the faster we will recognize more fascinating dimensions of our life. The more we understand that our progress depends exclusively on how much energy we invest into the realization of the Five Freedoms, the more our thrust in this direction is amplified by our surroundings.

The transfer from stage 4 to stage 5 can be compared to the beginning of a new 'Jogging'-program. Initially we know that we need to do something for our body. Yet though we intend to start the program, we always put it off until the 'next' day. Finally we really start jogging, but for some days experience only the effort without really enjoying it. We need to raise considerable energy to carry through with it. - Up to this point our experience corresponds to the characteristics of stage 4, - we do something, but are not successful enough to gain more energy than we invest in it.

Then - after 10 to 12 days - we notice changes within us. We are more energetic, more dynamic and feel a distinctly different bodily presence. Our jogging runs more automatic now and we begin to enjoy it. - In a similar way we experience the transition from stage 4 to stage 5. Our new course of action that felt unfamiliar and strenuous initially, now yields first positive results. We feel encouraged and notice that we now steer our life far more efficiently than ever before.

Temporarily our consciousness can still be overpowered by intense manifestations of karma which for a while may dominate all our actions and moods. Unable to fully control our behavior during these outbreaks, the constant and perfect pursuit of the Five Freedoms is not yet possible.


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Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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