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Karma - The Mechanism: Five Freedoms

Published: 18.11.2014

The 'Five Freedoms' are five specific lines of action. After reaching the fifth stage of development, we recognize them as the five major types of activities that lead to freedom from all karmic limitations. The Five Freedoms are:

1 - Profound understanding of all living beings and the feeling of natural compassion towards them

We recognize our own aspirations and path in other beings. - This produces a growing awareness how our actions affect others. It leads to a way of life where we automatically take care that our actions do not restrict the vitality and expression of other beings and naturally avoid injuring or killing them.

2 - An intense craving for truth

From the fifth stage of development onwards truth is perceived as all mechanisms that lead from misconception and confusion towards freedom from all karmic limitations. This automatically produces the insight that communicating misleading information, false or unconfirmed rumors and vague statements is essentially damaging, since it promotes and maintains a state of deception in others. We realize that only by living and communicating truth do we create that refined aura of clarity around ourselves which enables us to intuitively select from the many alternatives of daily life the one path that leads to real freedom. This attitude makes us naturally express truth in all our speech and action.

3 - The insight that all components needed to reach freedom from karmic limitations already exist within us and in our very own environment

It is the awareness that we only need to identify and understand these components to receive optimal support for our path. - Once we realize this, we experience that everything needed for our own development is always provided in abundance. - This automatically produces the insight that any craving for the possessions of others is irrelevant and pointless.

4 - The intention to grow

This is experienced as a burning desire for ever higher dimensions of our consciousness. It is the main drive of our path to ultimate freedom. From the fifth stage of development onwards our intention to grow amplifies our efforts with an additional energy that becomes stronger the more intensely we pursue this direction.

5 - The recognition that material possessions play no significant role for reaching ultimate freedom

We experience matter more and more as only a partial aspect of life, whose influence on our growth-process is continuously diminishing. This does not mean to give up all possessions. We only recognize the decreasing importance of material components for our path and consciously support this development.

From the fifth stage of development onward we perceive more and more clearly that these five broad lines of action systematically unfold superior levels of comprehension and are essential for reaching ultimate freedom. This realization imparts an additional, invigorating energy that incites us to steer our life consciously along these five main lines.


Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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