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Karma - The Mechanism: Tattvarthasutra 6.27

Published: 17.08.2014

Vighnakaranamantarayasya (27)

Obstructing and disturbing others
  • in their exercise of charity
  • in earning their livelihood
  • in their pleasures in consuming food etc.
  • in their enjoyment of comfort
  • in the use of their vitality and power
attracts karma that leads to obstructions in our life. (27)

These activities and attitudes do not only cause obstruction, they also influence the intensities with which all other types of karma manifest.


Title: Karma - The Mechanism

Publisher: Crosswind Publishing

Edition: 2000

HN4U Edition: 2014

'The purpose of souls is to assist each other.'
TATTVARTHASUTRA - Chapter 5, Sutra 21

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